Transforming Digital Landscapes: InfoVision's Customer-Centric Approach and IT Leadership

Explore Infovision's employee growth strategies and industry engagement insights in an exclusive CIOL interview with Girish Hirde, Global Delivery Head.

Manisha Sharma
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InfoVision, founded in 1995, is a leading global IT services and solutions company recognized as a Zinnov Zones leader in Digital Engineering, Data, AI, Innovation, and Enterprise Digital Transformation. We offer comprehensive digital transformation and modernization solutions across various industries, partnering with clients to drive innovation, rethink workflows, and enhance experiences. InfoVision has helped over 35 global leaders in Telecom, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, and Technology achieve excellence. With a global presence, we provide offshore, nearshore, and onshore solutions. Our employee-centric policies and world-class infrastructure have earned us high ratings on Glassdoor.


Girish Hirde–Global Delivery Headat InfoVision, brings over 25 years of IT industry experience, making him a strategic visionary in global delivery. Known for his transformative leadership, he drives business development with a customer-centric and partner-allied approach. Girish excels in digital transformation, spanning application development, legacy modernization, cloud enablement, cybersecurity, and AI/ML. His focus on user satisfaction and growth initiatives highlights his role as a trusted ally to CXO-level stakeholders, adept at managing complex projects and maintaining profitability. Girish embodies strategic leadership, motivating and innovating to turn visionary ideas into tangible outcomes, advancing InfoVision's global IT projects.

In an exclusive interview with CIOL, Girish Hirde–Global Delivery Head, Infovision, spoke about specific initiatives or programs implemented by Infovision to support its employees' growth and development. He discussed how Infovision actively engaged with industry associations, events, and networks to stay abreast of industry trends and developments.

Can you provide a brief overview of your role and responsibilities as the Global Delivery Head, InfoVision?


Girish Hirde–Global Delivery Head, As InfoVision's Global Delivery Head, Girish Hirde combines creating global delivery strategy, strategic oversight with practical execution, ensuring projects not only meet but exceed client and budgetary expectations, as also value add to customer. He steers client relationships, deeply understanding their needs to ensure timely delivery. Leading by example, Girish directs a skilled IT delivery team, championing talent development and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

His role is pivotal in intertwining delivery strategies with overarching business goals, working closely with tech and business leaders to maintain alignment. Girish advocates for agile methodologies and continuous improvement, driving efficiency and quality across the delivery lifecycle. His keen financial management focuses on optimizing operating margins, embodying the strategic, client-focused, and innovative ethos that propels InfoVision forward.

How does Infovision prioritize employee satisfaction and well-being within its organizational culture?

At InfoVision, prioritizing employee satisfaction and well-being is central to our organizational culture. We are deeply committed to creating a work environment that not only fosters an entrepreneurial spirit but also nurtures inclusivity, upholds integrity, and carves out pathways for promising career advancement. Our core values—thinking like an entrepreneur, placing the customer first, embracing agility, and respecting our people—guide every aspect of our operations.

To ensure we're continuously aligning with our team's needs and aspirations, we conduct regular surveys involving both employees and managers. This feedback mechanism allows us to stay responsive and adaptive to our team's evolving preferences.


Leadership accessibility is another cornerstone of our approach. Our leaders maintain an open-door policy complemented by robust communication channels, including global townhalls, frequent visits to various locations, and employee meet-ups, ensuring every voice is heard and valued.

Furthermore, we are proud of our elaborate and democratized rewards and recognition program. It spans monetary and non-monetary recognition, accessible to everyone within the organization. Through our customized portal, we empower all employees to acknowledge and celebrate the commendable efforts of their peers, fostering a culture of appreciation and support.

Employee engagement is the heartbeat of InfoVision. We strive to create world-class workplaces that offer a conducive and inspiring environment. Additionally, our hybrid work culture acknowledges the importance of flexibility and work-life balance, catering to the diverse needs of our team members.

Our calendar is dotted with sports activities, festive celebrations, talent shows, and fun meet-ups, encouraging cross-team interaction and camaraderie. These events are more than just leisure; they're an opportunity for our team to connect, share, and grow together.

Lastly, our compensation and benefits strategy is meticulously designed with our employees' well-being in mind. We aim to provide not just competitive packages but also benefits that support our team's health, happiness, and overall life satisfaction. At InfoVision, we don't just work towards success; we ensure that our journey there is fulfilling and inclusive for all.


Can you share some specific initiatives or programs implemented by Infovision to support its employees' growth and development?

At InfoVision, our commitment to upskilling is more than just a strategic choice; it's woven into the very fabric of our organizational ethos. Our employee value proposition resonates with this commitment: 

"InfoVision promises to provide a thriving work environment that accelerates your career."

Our approach to learning isn't ad-hoc or limited to the existing job. We like to look at the long-term perspective of building a career.  That is the reason why it's rooted in a meticulously conducted SWOT analysis, ensuring that our strategies are both data-driven and aligned with our resources. This rigorous analysis serves as the bedrock, helping us prioritise and strategize.


Empowered InfoVisionaries: Our training sessions, from "Dashboard in a day using Power BI" to specialized programs like "Certified automation specialists," have not only equipped our team with skills but have also instilled confidence, innovation, and a forward-thinking mindset. With each session, we've witnessed the metamorphosis of participants from learners to leaders.

Bridging the skill gap: Our regular webinars, domain-specific workshops, and client-specific bootcamps have ensured that every individual is not just updated with the latest in the industry but is also a proactive contributor to projects. This has not only enhanced project efficiency but has also positioned InfoVision as a thought leader in the digital space.

•    Certifications - A testament to excellence: Our emphasis on certifications, from Linux User Space Debugging to Angular Boot Camp, showcases our commitment to global standards of excellence. By reimbursing certification costs, we've not only facilitated professional growth but have also fostered a culture where excellence is both encouraged and rewarded.


Collaborative growth: Our initiatives around cross-skilling, buddying within projects, and Agile training have cultivated a culture of collaboration. Teams are no longer siloed; there's a seamless flow of knowledge, ideas, and innovation across departments.

Future-Ready workforce: Our proactive approach, be it through demand forecasting or partnerships with platforms like Udemy, ensures that every InfoVisionary is prepared for the future. We're not just reacting to industry trends; we're setting them.

Osmosis/Guest speakers: This is a unique initiative designed to bridge the gap between internal expertise and external industry insights.  By creating a platform where Infovisionaries can directly interact with industry leaders and achievers, we aim to foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation.  Osmosis is a bi-monthly forum where we invite industry stalwarts, technology doyens, and notable achievers with whom Infovisionaries can engage, interact and collaborate.

Leadership training: as an organization we invest in our top talent to groom them for the next level of leadership.

Mentorship programs: A mentorship program is one of the training and development initiatives that can really integrate a new employee quickly. Mentors can help teach new skills and give the ins and outs unique to a given company. Plus, this relationship offers a fresh dynamic than a supervisor or a co-worker offering a different viewpoint that is often needed. 


What sets Infovision apart in terms of its approach to client partnerships and delivering tailored solutions?

At InfoVision, our strategy is founded on three strategic pillars (Customer-centric growth, unified alignment, and talent excellence). At the core of our operations are our customers. Our focus isn't solely on technology or on ourselves, but primarily on addressing our customers' unaddressed needs and elevating the standards of service and experience they receive.

Put customer first: Rooted in our ethos of prioritizing the customer, we're making significant investments in domain and tech experts, tools, and technologies. This ensures we deeply understand our clients' challenges, co-creating solutions that not only meet their needs but also deliver a 'wow' experience. By focusing on our clients' success and actively listening and responding to their requirements, we position ourselves as a trusted partner in their digital journey.

Think like an entrepreneur: Everyone in our team embodies an entrepreneurial spirit. This mindset fosters innovation and a proactive approach to offer solutions that create real value for our clients. This entrepreneurial lens ensures that regardless of their role (whether on the field or the execution side), every member champions a unified vision — to offer transformative solutions that solve business problems.

Be agile: In an ever-evolving digital landscape, agility is paramount. Our commitment to our clients begins with our team. We actively invest in recruiting and nurturing top talent who can quickly adapt and bridge the gap between tech innovations and real-world business challenges.

How does Infovision ensure that its solutions meet the unique needs and challenges of each client?

We envision InfoVision as an integrated partner, rather than just a service provider, for businesses globally. It's our aspiration to be closest to our customers, truly embedding ourselves within their ecosystems. We aim to understand and anticipate their pain points, challenges, and aspirations. This deep integration allows us to bring forth solutions harnessing both established and emerging technologies, tailored to their precise needs. 

Central to our vision is co-innovation. We believe in walking hand-in-hand with our clients, testing, failing fast, and refining, until we arrive at solutions that cater to both present requirements and future projections. This isn't about showcasing our prowess but about ensuring our customers thrive, capitalizing on our combined strengths.

How does Infovision actively engage with industry associations, events, and networks to stay abreast of industry trends and developments?

InfoVision is deeply committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and developments, engaging actively with industry associations, events, and networks in 

several impactful ways:

We maintain yearly memberships with leading software associations and forums, going beyond attendance to actively contribute. Our experts share their insights and thought leadership through articles, white papers, and blogs. Additionally, our technologists host Masterclasses, offering a platform to share our technological expertise and valuable experiences from the field, thus enhancing the industry's knowledge base. 

Our leaders are frequently invited as speakers at various national and international conferences, where they share InfoVision's expertise and experiences. These engagements allow us to not only contribute to the industry dialogue but also stay informed on emerging trends and best practices.

Recognizing the gap between academic teachings and industry needs, InfoVision partners with esteemed institutions like IIT Hyderabad. This partnership not only aligns with our vision of being a learning-centric organization but also represents our commitment to community development through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. By fostering a robust connection between industry practices and academic curricula, we ensure a seamless blend of knowledge and expertise.

Our active participation in national and international industry events and learning conferences enables our leaders and teams to continuously upskill and stay updated on the latest technological advancements and industry trends. This commitment ensures that we consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers, keeping them ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.