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Discover how, led by CEO Manish Mimani, pioneers mobile application security through AI and machine learning. In an interview with Ciol, Mimani unveils their innovative solutions tailored for corporate clients.

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image is at the forefront of Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) cyber-security, revolutionizing the landscape with its cutting-edge solutions. Specializing in Mobile App, Device & Transaction security, offers a next-generation platform driven by deep tech expertise. Through a cloud-based model, organizations can access a robust Mobile Security Framework, ensuring agility, scalability, and rapid deployment. With offices strategically located in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Chennai, boasts an innovation center where a team of seasoned product and cybersecurity professionals tirelessly tackle intricate mobile security challenges. This commitment enables organizations to enhance their understanding of Mobile App security and fortify their defenses against evolving threats.


Manish Mimani, the Founder & CEO of, is recognized for his proficiency in Global Technology Platforms, Digital Transformation, Greenfield Implementation, and IT Turnaround. With a passion for technology innovation, he is committed to harnessing Deep Tech to position at the forefront of the next-generation mobile application security platform.

In a recent interview with Ciol, Manish Mimani, Founder & CEO of, outlined their innovative approach to mobile application security. offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for corporate clients, leveraging advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to address evolving cybersecurity challenges in the mobile space. Mimani highlighted their focus on ongoing research and collaboration to bolster mobile security infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of industry-wide efforts in safeguarding digital ecosystems.

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Can you provide an overview of's end-to-end mobile app security product suite?

We are a pure-play mobile application security platform, and we take pride in saying that we are India's first and only comprehensive mobile application security platform made in India. We provide runtime protection for mobile applications, digital identity management, fraud control, protection from malware and errors, and transaction security for mobile applications.

We have built a suite of products to cater to the specific needs of our consumers. By consumers, we largely mean corporations that have developed mobile applications for their customers. These include banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, government-to-citizen apps, super apps, and BFSI applications.


We provide robust runtime protection for these mobile applications to ensure complete cyber protection from threats, frauds, malware, data leakages, and regulatory compliance as a complete package for organizations. All our solutions are driven by Deep Tech, utilizing AI and machine learning to provide advanced security for mobile applications.

Could you elaborate on the deep tech aspects integrated into's security solution?

Deep tech is, as I call it, very deep in terms of offerings. We primarily work on the mobile application side, developing capabilities around Android security and iOS security. We treat Android and iOS as one platform, integrating them with security components and cybersecurity measures.


We offer these solutions on a cloud model, bringing the concept of cloud computing into our services. Additionally, we provide our solutions on a subscription basis, essentially offering mobile security as a service. All our transactions are enhanced with advanced machine learning programs and algorithms, including AI-based malware analysis, which are embedded into our system.

As a company, we integrate a wide array of technologies—from cloud and security to mobile systems and AI/machine learning—into a comprehensive offering for our customers. This positions us uniquely as a deep tech, highly research-oriented organization in this field.

Our deep tech solution bundles mobile technology, cybersecurity, cloud computing, machine learning, and AI. We offer these as a subscription model, making it easy for organizations to adopt deep tech without needing a large upfront investment.


Can you provide insights into the impact of's solutions, such as the number of devices secured and threats identified and mitigated?

Today, we've already protected approximately 5 billion sessions in the Indian market alone, covering almost 200 million devices. That's over a billion threats prevented. This scale is due to our integration with multiple mobile applications from various banks, insurance companies, and stock trading platforms.

Overall, we've covered more than 200 million devices. Our target for this financial year is to increase our coverage to at least 30 billion mobile app sessions in India, protecting over 500 million devices. This will provide extensive coverage across the Indian sector and generate vast amounts of data, which enhances our solutions through machine learning programs and AI mechanisms. The more data we gather, the better we understand the cyber threat landscape, allowing us to continually enhance our solutions. This knowledge is then applied back into society.


With a projected 500% revenue growth for FY24, what strategies are in place to achieve this target

Great, today we find ourselves in a very unique position. We're currently engaged in discussions with over 100 organizations to secure their mobile applications. Remarkably, all of these companies have shown genuine interest in our innovative platform. As we continue to foster our partnerships with Systems Integrators (SI) globally, we're also expanding into international markets. Specifically, we're scaling operations in the Middle East and the US. Our goal is to introduce our product to these regions and eventually penetrate the global market. Additionally, we're forging close ties with government organizations to establish long-term partnerships aimed at securing government-to-citizen services.

In essence, our focus is not solely on expanding our SI partnerships or digital marketing efforts, but also on creating knowledge and awareness campaigns. We're dedicated to educating the general public about mobile security, even if it doesn't directly generate revenue for us. Our aim is to enhance understanding among individuals regarding proper mobile device management, including granting appropriate access to various applications. Thus, our strategies encompass a wide range of approaches, from digital to offline and online initiatives, as well as collaborations with global SIs and international expansion efforts, all geared towards achieving our revenue targets.


How does's innovation center contribute to addressing mobile cybersecurity challenges and enhancing overall security posture?

Innovation and R&D are our cornerstone, deeply embedded in our DNA as We conduct advanced research into mobile application security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities related to mobile devices across different operating systems. We've established a dedicated R&D center and product innovation center in Chennai.

A young and dynamic team operates within, working around the clock to identify the latest threats impacting the mobile ecosystem globally. We stay vigilant, even if a threat hasn't surfaced in the Indian market, ensuring continuous learning and enhancement of our products.

R&D and innovation drive our product development efforts, reflecting our core identity. We actively engage in threat hunting across both the Google and Apple ecosystems, using insights to constantly improve our solutions. At Chennai, we have a dedicated center solely focused on product development and innovation.

Can's solution seamlessly integrate with existing mobile app architectures and security frameworks?

Yes, absolutely. We've made it incredibly easy for organizations to adopt our solution. It involves just a one-time integration, typically taking a couple of hours. Our solutions are designed to be technology and framework agnostic. For example, while the Android ecosystem operates on various frameworks, our system seamlessly integrates on the iOS side, irrespective of the framework in use.

With just a few hours of implementation and a couple of days for testing, the solution is ready to deploy. We empower mobile applications with intelligence to detect and mitigate any threats autonomously. This is the essence of our solution: making banking apps, stock trading apps, or any other 'super apps' intelligent enough to counter threats while in operation on consumer devices.

Organizations don't need to invest effort or resources in hardware; everything is available through a subscription model. Our integration process is straightforward and completely independent of any specific frameworks. Typically, installation takes only a few hours.

To summarize, the process involves a simple installation followed by one or two days of testing. Once implemented, we enable over 50 security capabilities and a comprehensive set of control techniques within the mobile application.

Are there any partnerships or collaborations in the pipeline to further enhance's offerings?

We are currently in discussion with major payment providers from across the globe, including some of the top players in the industry. Similarly, we are also engaging with several banks who are interested in collaboration for joint research initiatives. Once finalized, we will disclose the names involved. Additionally, we are in talks with various VC funds to support our hyper growth and product innovation efforts. All of these opportunities are in the pipeline as we aim to transform into a truly global company over the next two years, championing the Make in India brand on the global stage.

What are the upcoming innovations or developments planned by in the mobile security domain?

We're doing a lot of research to combine Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Right now, these are separate solutions. Our goal is to merge them and offer the combination at a low cost. We want to make it affordable for companies, so they don't need to buy multiple technologies. We're also improving our mobile app security platform to make it easier for companies to launch their apps.

We aim to simplify things for companies and help them follow regulations like the DPDP Act and prevent data leaks. We’re also researching how to deal wilth Evolving Mobile apps threats. We're focusing on mobile security, and developing products for mobile forensics. This makes us stand out as a mobile-focused organization covering app security, device security, and transaction security. With more people using mobile devices, especially for things like banking, we need strong cybersecurity. So, we're working on different tech ideas to make mobiles safer, fitting with our vision.