Interscape announces customizable storage optimization services

Soma Tah
New Update

PISCATAWAY, USA: The new Storage Reclamation Analysis, Right Tiering Analysis and Right Sizing Analysis will be delivered using Interscape's proven 3T approach: Tool (Perfonics), Tech (SME) and Team (R&D). This SME front-ended service provides detailed "actionable recommendations" based on extensive analytics around current storage infrastructure. These storage optimization services are targeted for end-user Enterprises, Service Providers and Resellers.


The 3T/Perfonics based Service also provides in-depth storage analytics and recommendations to customers on best fit RAID levels, Disk technologies (SSD, FC, SATA), Pool Sizes and Automated Tiering policies based on current Performance profiles requirements. It also looks at Thin-pool over-subscription management based on percentage of Allocated vs. percentage of Actual consumed, which can help in best storage utilizations leading to cost deferment.

"These services ensures cost optimized performance profiling and right sizing recommendations at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to have a onsite resources," said Alok Jain, founder and CEO of Interscape Technologies. "This new service help match current IO profiles to a cost optimized solution."

These new Storage Array Optimization services are part of Interscape Technologies' Perfonics based broader service offerings called Performance As A Service (PAAS). PAAS is a cloud-based offering focused on providing Performance Analysis, Capacity Planning, Performance Troubleshooting, Consolidation Modeling, Migration Planning, Capacity Planning, Trending and Forecasting for multi-vendor SAN and NAS storage infrastructures.


Perfonics can analyze small to large multi-vendor, multi-petabyte storage infrastructures very quickly by ingesting the raw storage related data in automated fashion. An option to have a local instance of Perfonics is also available if needed.

Performance As a Service approach is implemented using the Interscape methodology based on a tool called Perfonics. This methodology provides a hands-off model; there is no software, agents or appliance needed to be installed and no additional specialized skill-sets are needed by customer. Customers simply provides the OEM tools data already collected in their environment or run well-known native storage and server commands/scripts.

Once the collected data is uploaded on to secured Interscape cloud, analytic reports are generated and provided via reporting dash board. Customers can take advantage of the "expert inclusive" services to get a deeper understanding of the issues that will help them decide on the corrective actions.