Internal security major threat among companies

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CHENNAI: Internal security has become a major threat among the companies today, thus forcing them to deploy security solutions, based on the organization's needs, according to Computer Associates (CA). Opined its consulting director Rajendra Dhavale, "Internal security has become a major threat among the companies today cutting across various segments, which has forced the companies to deploy some form of security system".

He added, "Despite having deployed strong security systems, the one common threat the organizations face today is both the internal and external security of information or data."

According to him, companies need to deploy end-to-end total IT security management solutions and also need to deploy proper access control system to address internal threats.

"Besides, every organization needs to adopt proactive risk assessment measure and policy compliance solution, depending on the organization's policy to ensure non-tampering of data. And every such compliance solution should lead towards conducting periodical auditing which would assure fool-proof system of functioning within the organization," Dhavale observed.

Explaining about CA's security management solution, he said "eTrust Identity and Access Management' solution is fully-integrated modular identity and access management solution, which would optimize business process, reduce costs, enable regulatory compliance, mitigates risks, enables total security management."

Further, Dhavale informed, "CA has been targeting segments like BFSI, telecom, manufacturing, IT and ITES companies, for deploying our access management solutions and so far, BFSI and telecom, has been the first movers in India to deploy these solutions."