<strong>Interaction with Anand Anupam, Chief Commercial Officer, Cyviz</strong>

Cyviz continues its expansion and further strengthens its global reach with a new Experience Centre located in Gurugram. Read here the details.

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Cyviz is a company that specializes in technology solutions for conference rooms, control rooms, and experience centers on a global scale. They have been in operation since 1998, focusing on the development of advanced collaboration spaces that facilitate inclusive meetings for both in-person and remote participants. Cyviz caters to the needs of global enterprises and government entities that have demanding standards for user-friendliness, security, and quality. Their expertise lies in providing a cross-platform experience that enables the efficient management and control of systems and resources throughout the enterprise.


Anand A. has extensive work experience in various industries and roles. From 2004 to 2005, they worked in Marketing at ITC Limited. From 2005 to 2007, they held a position in Global Business Development at Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited. In 2007, Anand founded Healthizen, a consumer health bank in India, where they served as the CEO until 2012.

During this time, they successfully raised three rounds of institutional funding and oversaw the growth of the company's ecosystem, including over 3000 doctors and healthcare providers. In 2012, they joined UMS - Unified Messaging Systems AS a Head of Indian Operations and a Board Member, a position they held until 2018. Anand also served as the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and later as a Board Member and EVP - UMS Americas until 2019.

From 2018 to 2020, Anand worked as a Vice President of Public Warning Solutions at Everbridge. In 2019, they joined Cyviz as the EVP of Global Sales & Marketing and later took on the role of Chief Commercial Officer. Anand's work experience showcases their expertise in sales, marketing, business development, and leadership roles across multiple industries.


Cyviz continues its expansion and further strengthens its global reach with a new Experience Centre located in Gurugram. The new facility in India represents a commitment by Cyviz to continue to support organizations across the region and provides a new go-to destination for the demonstration of its next-level collaboration solutions.

Delivering the keynote address at the opening for Cyviz was Anand Anupam, Chief Commercial Officer, who said “The new CEC in India is a real statement of intent from Cyviz and will act as a catalyst for business growth across the region. Defense organizations and Enterprises alike will be able to benefit from over 25 years of experience delivering collaboration excellence and world-class solutions that are helping to drive the digital revolution.”

Anand Anupam, Chief Commercial Officer, Cyviz spoke to Ciol, Read here the exclusive interaction:


What are the products and solutions Cyviz provides and offers to its customers?

Cyviz is indeed a technology provider. We specialize in developing technology for various environments, including command and control spaces, operation centers, boardrooms, and conference rooms, as well as high-impact spaces like innovation centers and experience centers. Our solution is based on a standardized software platform we call the "easy platform." This platform serves as the foundation for our technology, which also includes hardware components.

Our primary goal is to offer our customers a consistent user experience across all these spaces. This experience is characterized by being feature-rich, high-impact, and promoting substantial collaboration.


What are the areas that you have already covered so far in India?

Certainly, it's primarily an Experience Center, that's our foremost focus. We refer to it as a Cybers Experience Center or simply a CC, and we have established 20 of them worldwide. The core concept behind these centers is to invite customers into a physical space where we can showcase our technology. This enables them to interact, experiment, and gain a tangible understanding of what they'll eventually experience themselves.

When we consider India, our journey began with our first customer there around 2016. At that time, we didn't have a physical presence in India, but we noticed that several of our global customers desired the same immersive experience within their Indian offices and setups. In response to this demand, we initiated this endeavor for Accenture, one of our largest global clients, back in 2016. Over the past few years, we've significantly expanded our operations in India. Today, a diverse range of companies, including Boeing, Rouge, Accenture, Microsoft, and Ernst & Young, are all valued customers of ours. Our primary objective in establishing Experience Centers with teams in both New Delhi and Bangalore is to further expand our reach and make our technology readily accessible to our customers here.


How would say this new experience center will set a new benchmark according to you?

There are a couple of important aspects to consider here. Firstly, the experience center enables both our customers and prospective clients to test our technology and gain a better understanding of what the experience entails before they make any decisions. This is the first point to note.

Secondly, we've been in business for 25 years now. During this time, we've consistently focused on pioneering cutting-edge technology, constantly innovating and introducing new products and technologies to the market. The Experience Center serves as the initial platform where we introduce all these new technologies to our customers. This grants them access to these innovative technologies through the Experience Center. Currently, this is the situation.


What are your growth priorities in the future or what are the focus areas that you are working on?

As a global company, we have two major focus areas. The first is the government and defense sector, where we collaborate with organizations worldwide. This includes clients such as the US Department of Defense, the US Air Force, the London Metropolitan Police, and the Ministry of Defense in countries like Norway, the Netherlands, and Indonesia. We provide them with services for command and control centers, operation centers, cybersecurity facilities, and more. This sector represents a significant growth opportunity and is a key focus for us in India as well.

The second focus area is what we refer to as the enterprise sector. This involves our innovation centers, high-impact spaces, boardrooms, and meeting spaces. We aim to elevate collaboration within enterprises to the next level. These two areas, government and defense, and enterprise, are our primary focuses, and India is a growing market for us in both of these sectors.