Intelliverse launches cloud based outbound calling with IntelliConnection

Soma Tah
New Update

BANGALORE, INDIAL: Intelliverse Telecom today announced the launch of IntelliConnection, a cloud-based platform that connects sales representatives to their targeted prospects, leading to increased conversion and retention.


The application helps organizations enhance sales automation solution and maximizes the productivity, increased sales opportunities and profitability of their sales organizations - by eliminating dialing - and dramatically increasing the volume of connections and live conversations made.

IntelliConnection can help an organization in their payment collection process by facilitating remote or distributed collection agents with a easy outbound calling interface.

The collection agent's performance is dramatically improved with an increase in rate on collections and follow-ups, which directly impacts the cash flow of the organization. Likewise when deployed for managing AMC and Insurance Renewals, IntelliConnection provides instant value by increasing sales target achievements and revenue goals of an organization.


IntelliConnection is an intelligent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application designed for complete compatibility with existing CRM systems like

An extremely cost-effective and intelligent solution offering quick ROI, IntelliConnection is suited to industry verticals like: Insurance, Banking, Automobile, Real Estate & Marketing & Research and industries across all segments.

All calling activities of a sales person is tracked and logged so the management always has access to accurate sales metrics. The solution also ensures that follow-up events are automatically stored in organization's CRM system, such as

Equipped with high flexibility with scalability, organizations can prioritize, track and take action on what is most important to them for all Outbound Calling campaigns and minimize unnecessary infrastructure, licensing and IT support cost.