Intellisys’ E-PC to cost Rs 10,000

CIOL Bureau
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Vinita Suvarna-Bhatia


 MUMBAI: Intellisys plans to bring out entry-level PCs costing just Rs

10,000. The company's managing director Ameet Arurkar said "We are

launching a PC for Rs 15,000 in the next six months and a PC for Rs 10,000

within a year."

These PCs will be more like an embedded system information appliance where

everything will reside inside the monitors. The only external components will be

a keyboard and a modem (optional). According to Ameet the machines will be

imported from China and will be branded as "E-PC".

In addition to this, Intellisys will also save on the OS cost by using Linux

as a standard OS for these machines. "We are using a non-proprietary OS

like Linux, because the other OS push the prices of the machines by over Rs

4000," Ameet adds. Intellisys is currently working on Aryabhatt Linux to

make it more scalable and user friendly for the Indian masses.

Intellisys is already selling AMD-based PCs in the price range of Rs 19,000

to Rs 24,500. This is besides its PC exchange offer where customers can exchange

their old PCs for new.

Intellisys's AMD-based machines are called Amdell and has different models

for different customer segments - EconoPC, ValuePC, Powerhouse PC and MonsterPC.

Amit adds that plans are afoot to go public in the next two years.