Intelligence and power grids

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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA: New capabilities may provide significant benefits to utilities, including increased efficiency and reliability, as well as higher quality power that are less vulnerable to outages and the lost revenue that accompanies them, if ETAP claims it right.


Operation Technology, Inc. (OTI), a developer of the ETAP enterprise solution for electrical power systems, has announced the launch of Smart Grid Solution suite which it says is built on ETAP’s proven open-standard technology.

The company claims that this offers comprehensive real-time applications enabling electrical utilities to plan, coordinate, and safely operate power grids.

“The real-time system integrates into the Data Acquisition (DA) systems and offers a wide range of functional features to manage, control, visualize, optimize, and automate the power grid.” It says in a press release.

“ETAP has been at the forefront of real-time intelligent power system management solutions including network simulation, optimization, and automation for more than 15 years, so it’s a natural progression to package these capabilities into a solution designed specifically for Smart Grid utilities,” says Shervin Shokooh, chief operating officer for OTI. “ETAP Smart Grid brings more intelligence to the grid through technologies that enable electrical utilities to visualize, predict, and interpret the grid data and make informed decisions via real-time dashboards and smart interfaces.”