Integrating Six Sigma and CMMi

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HYDERABAD: Change is the only reality. Market dynamics never remain the same. "Every process and methodology undergoes change. A successful organization is the one which transforms itself and in the process, raises the bar," said CR Nagraj, Sr Vice President Quality, Satyam Computer Services Limited.


Nagraj, expounded on how each of the quality process certification is suitable only for a certain area in an organization, and is looking at integrating DMAIC, DMADV and CMMI. "All three different nodes of a triangle need to be integrated. While DMAIC and DMADV gives the software and hardware tools, DMADV and CMMI together gives process rigour, DMAIC and CMMI gives the performance matrix.," said Nagraj.

Currently there are about seven projects under him where he is applying this quality matrix and it is working well "but I need to apply it to at least 10-15 projects to be able to substantiate it with concrete data," said Nagraj. According to Nagraj when this project is through it will be Intellectual Property worth a patent.