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SANTA CLARA, USA:  Provider of software quality and productivity solutions for the Eclipse platform, Instantiations, Inc.,and InfoStretch Corporation, outsourced software quality and assurance test and automation has announced a technology and services partnership.


The partnership will offer InfoStretch the ability to deliver automated software quality solutions to enable organizations to effectively address software regression and improve build automation, code coverage and more using Instantiations testing and quality improvement tools CodePro AnalytiX and WindowTester Pro.

 "QA organizations supporting engineering of Eclipse-based products around RCP and SWT face unique quality challenges," said Manish Mathuria, founder and CTO of InfoStretch Corporation. "With the combination of Instantiations' test automation and code optimization products and InfoStretch services, we can now help our clients produce higher quality software with faster time to market and increased ROI."

With the increased complexity of software applications, testing and quality assurance has become very complicated and specialized. By combining the Java software quality tools from Instantiations with the InfoStretch STAR process, it is now possible to deliver software projects resulting in more predictable outcomes, higher quality applications and greater customer satisfaction.


"We look forward to collaborating with InfoStretch. They have an excellent reputation for helping their clients implement high quality solutions," said Mike Taylor, CEO of Instantiations. "Incorporating WindowTester Pro and CodePro AnalytiX will help them achieve their goal of automation, as well as reducing the technology gap within QA and developer organizations."

WindowTester Pro offers technology for testing Swing and SWT Java graphical user interfaces and reduces both the testing complexity and time that developers need to build quality applications.

CodePro AnalytiX is the premier automated software quality and testing tool for Eclipse Java developers. It can be deployed on a developer's desktop and/or seamlessly integrated into a continuous or nightly software build system, ensuring high software quality throughout the development process.