Instagram to suggest Stories from people you don't follow

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CIOL Instagram Stories hits 150M daily users, launches advertisements

Snapchat was just the inspiration. Instagram Stories has its own Plan of action to boost itself among the users. The app is aiming at harnessing the power of Facebook's algorithmic expertise to begin surfacing Instagram Stories from people you don't already follow, according to a report from Techcrunch.


Based on who you follow and the topics you care about, the tailored recommendations will make it easy to add someone new to your Home feed’s Stories section.

CIOL Instagram to suggest Stories from people you don't follow

This means, that now, instead of simply "exploring" photos and videos, you can also explore the Stories of people you don't follow, while simultaneously becoming more familiar with the platform's new ephemeral slideshow format. The suggestions that will appear on the top of your screen will obviously be based primarily on your interests and the people you follow on the app.

The new feature is an aggressive move by Instagram that departs not just from Snapchat which doesn't suggest friends or people to follow but also the conventional, cautious line treaded by social media platforms that fear to become clattery and impersonal with suggested users feature.

Instagram is hoping that by promoting accounts in the Explore tab, which gets over 100 million views per day, it'll, in turn, be promoting its new Stories feature and help it compete with Snapchat.

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