Instagram Stories hits 150mn daily users, launches advertisements

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CIOL Instagram Stories hits 150M daily users, launches advertisements

Instagram looks unstoppable. Reaching another milestone, Facebook-owned company has announced that Instagram Stories now has 150 million daily users. And in a rather novel way to celebrate the numbers, the company is bringing more than 30 advertisers into its fastest-growing features, to boost its advertising revenue.


Instagram Stories was launched last August and it took the feature only five months to reach the coveted mark. The company is looking to monetize this huge audience now and has announced advertisements that will appear mixed with the stories. The unclickable five-second photo and 15-second video ads appear between different people’s stories and can be easily skipped.

Instagram will also provide business accounts with analytics on the reach, impressions, replies and exits of their Stories.

The feature is currently being tested with the likes of Capital One, General Motors, Nike and Netflix and will eventually roll out globally on all interfaces.

Notably, Seventy percent of Instagram users already follow a business, and one-third of the most-watched Stories on Instagram were created by businesses, so the company thinks its partners can make ads that won’t bore people into closing the app.

Meanwhile, business accounts will receive a bunch of new analytics on the reach of their ads. Instagram will also tell them about the number of impressions, replies and exits from their stories-cum-ads. Interestingly enough, Unlike how other companies like Facebook count views, Instagram will count every view as an impression.

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