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Priya Padmanabhan


BANGALORE: Bangalore based product start-up Innoviti is hoping to strengthen

its branding, sales and distribution strategies, by piggybacking on its

association with Titan.

Titan recently announced that it had taken a five per cent stake in Innoviti.

Rajeev Agarwal, founder and CEO of Innoviti, said that this would be increased

to 15 per cent in two years' time.

Speaking on the synergy between the two companies, Agarwal said, “They

needed our technology and we needed a strong brand to leverage on. So it was a

good fit.”


Titan plans to bring out watches aimed at the high-end segment which would

provide personalized data such as stock quotes and weather. Innoviti would

provide the wireless technology required for making these specialized watches a


Agarwal said that these watches would hit the market in a year to 18 months.

Besides watches, Titan also intends to introduce other accessories such as

eyewear embedded with wireless technologies.

Innoviti also plans to piggyback on Titan's established sales and

distribution network and post sales service centers to support its existing

products. Innoviti has already developed a wireless Internet adapter, Vaayu.


The company also developed a wireless solution based on Zigbee technology

called Payezee for Verifone's wireless credit card payment terminals. Verifone

is targeting this product at the restaurant and small business segments.

“The wireless payment machines ensure security and protect against credit

card fraud-70 per cent of which occurs at restaurants. With our solution, diners

can directly swipe their credit cards while sitting at their tables.”

This product is currently targeted at markets in China, Indonesia, Malaysia,

and Latin America.

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