Ingres strengthens open source offering in Italy

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REDWOOD CITY, USA: Engineering Group, IT services company in Italy and Ingres Corporation, provider of open source database management software and support services, announced today a new business partnership designed to strengthen its joint open source database and business intelligence offering in the region.


Ingres Database is flexible, simple, secure, reliable, and scalable to cope with even the most complex, multi-language requirements for business intelligence, content management, data warehousing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and logistics management.  In addition, Engineering Group will deliver training services in Ingres Database solutions at its Ingres Certified Training Center in Italy.

Engineering Group is also building a technology bundle to be released later this year that includes Ingres Database and SpagoBI, Engineering’s business intelligence free platform for the development of business intelligence solutions at the enterprise level.

The bundle will support day-to-day and strategic business, both at the decision-making and operational levels, thanks to its wide offering of analytical tools and to its intuitive user interface.


The bundle also broadens the offering of open source solutions in Italy and around the world by enabling anyone to download Ingres Database and SpagoBI with a single click. In addition, the bundle provides a single point of contact and a high level of maintenance and support to customers choosing Ingres Database and SpagoBI.

“Thanks to the consolidation of the relationship with Ingres, the offering in commercial qualified business open source solutions in the Italian market is stronger than ever before,” said Gabriele Ruffatti, architectures and consulting director, Research & Innovation Department, Engineering Group.

“This relationship increases the network of main players of the open source market who offer support services.  Engineering Group, since the launch of SpagoWorld, the open source initiative at enterprise level, firmly believes in the creation of this network of services among open source companies. We see open source solutions as a valid and reliable alternative to proprietary software and believe in the reliability of a large stack of solutions backed by the involvement of all participants to the network,” added Ruffatti.

“We are extremely pleased that Engineering Group has chosen Ingres Database for its open source solutions suite offering at the enterprise level,” said Eric Soares, SEMEA director, Ingres Corporation. “We believe that this choice represents an important step in the New Economics of IT, characterized by open source companies partnering together to create a greater presence of open source products and solutions at the enterprise level.”