India's Pi offers access to 100,000 e-books

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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Indian readers are in for a whole new experience with the launch Thursday of Pi, the country's first indigenous e-reading device that offers access to over 100,000 books and a host of newspapers and magazines, its manufacturers say.


"A technological marvel with state-of-the-art features, Pi will provide exceptional reading experience and support for local Indian languages," an statement said.

"Pi, comes with a revolutionary new display technology, making reading a pleasurable experience akin to real life reading of books, with no strain and glare of a computer screen. Pi is also easy on the fingertips, and can read comfortably at any angle for a long period of time," the statement added.

Priced at Rs.9,999, Pi weighs 180 gm and is less than 10 mm thick, similar to most magazines. It has a storage capacity of up to 350 books, with expandable capacity to store an additional 2,000 books and reading material in most Indian languages. It has a battery life of four days or 10,000 refreshes.


Pi owners will have the choice of downloading over 100,000 digital books from, which the company plans to increase over a period of time. The device also gives users the option to upload their own content from a PC or any other device through a USB device.

" is also in advanced talks with a number of newspaper publications to provide subscription-based access to a large number of newspaper content," the statement said.

According to company founder and CEO Vishal Mehta, the idea of Pi "has been with us for the past two-years and a lot of R&D effort has gone into it."


"Pi should not be seen just as a device but one that has great socio-economic ramifications: Just imagine a doctor consulting the latest medical journals on a flight, or a lawyer looking at the latest case laws or even students having access to text books.

"We can look at many such applications that have the potential to redefine how Indians view and look at content," Mehta pointed out.

"We are in talks with publishers and content owners across segments to give our customers access to the best in content and are looking at content dissemination for specific verticals like health care, law and education," he added.


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