Indian organizations take 222 hours on average to detect, triage and investigate an attack: CrowdStrike

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The CrowdStrike Global Security Attitude Study, surveyed 1,900 senior IT decision-makers and IT security professionals in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Mexico, Middle East, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, India and Singapore across major industry sectors.

The survey looks into the attitudes and beliefs of those in charge of cybersecurity and tracks how they are faring against sophisticated and well-equipped nation-state attackers.

300 Senior IT decision-makers and IT security professionals from India were surveyed and, CrowdStrike found the following:

• Crowdstrike report reveals organizations in India take 222 hours on average to detect, triage and investigate an attack, making them the worst performers compared to the global average of 162 hours and this is way-beyond the industry best practice standard recommendation of 1:10:60 rule.  This is 9+ days working around the clock

• Only 20% of cybersecurity teams in India organizations put detecting intruders on their network as a priority

• Organizations are only discovering the identity of a threat actor in just over half of their investigations, on average whereas Indian organizations discover at close to 3:4 of their investigations.

o CrowdStrike would advise using the 1-10-60 rule – 1 minute to detect, 10 minutes to investigate and 60 minutes to isolate or remediate the problem.

o CrowdStrike developed the 1-10-60 rule. This rule is derived from the premise that to win a battle in cyberspace, speed is paramount. The only way you beat an adversary is by being faster than them.

o The concept behind the rule is simple: To be successful at stopping breaches, an organization needs to detect, investigate, and remediate or contain the threat as quickly as possible. The very best private-sector companies strive to detect an intrusion on average within 1 minute, investigate it within 10 minutes, and isolate or remediate the problem within 1 hour: 1-10-60.

• 97% of the Indians surveyed said and agreed that cyberattacks sponsored by Malicious and unfriendly countries pose a clear and present danger to the organization in our country.
• 43 % of Indians surveyed said China is the country that most worries respondents when thinking about the potential origin of a nation-state-sponsored cyberattack this was higher than the average of 35%. Surprisingly 30% of Indians also said they thought India and or Pakistan could be the potential origin of a nation-star-sponsored cyberattack.

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