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BANGALORE, INDIA: Quality Systems Healthcare is planning to foray into the Indian helathcare sector with a huge expectation that the fast-growing market will offer a great opportunity for its business. In an interaction with CIOL, Steven T. Plochocki, CEO, QSI, talked about the company's growth plans in India as well as the country's healthcare sector.


Can you give a brief outline about your company and the kind of business are you into?

Steven T. Plochocki: QSI Healthcare (QSIH) Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quality Systems, Inc. (QSI), USA, a provider of healthcare technology solutions to hospitals, doctors and other medical establishments. QSIH products and services include practice management systems, electronic health records, and revenue cycle management. The company offers technology solutions that will aid in the overhaul of the healthcare system by automating routine tasks, streamlining business operations, increasing patient access, improving the quality of patient care, and enabling physicians and dentists to return to practising medicine.

How important is the Indian market for QSIH?


India is a very crucial market for us, with globalization putting it high up on the pedestal of emerging markets that offer great opportunity for businesses. With its good talent pool, well-developed IT infrastructure, liberal policies and exponentially growing economy, India stands as one of the worthiest locations for expansion for any company.

Also, the Indian market is important for us when looking at the sheer growth potential. The country will also help our growth in other markets. We are here as a company open to learn and grow, and we are ready to explore any opportunities that would help in providing with better healthcare solutions to our clients.

How do you see the healthcare market developing in India?


Looking ahead, the Indian healthcare market is estimated to be worth $275.6 billion by 2020. Currently, 8 per cent of India’s GDP is spent on healthcare. According to the CII, India needs to spend at least $80 billion more in the next five years to meet targets. Obviously, we want to be part of that growth and we believe we have a great deal to offer.

What was the purpose behind establishing an India R&D center?

India has one of the world’s largest healthcare industries and is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is uniquely positioned to offer immense contribution to the overall growth and success of the companies setting up business here.


The Indian economy also makes it a key market for companies looking for research and development or doing business here. Another primary reason for QSI to establish a unit here is the fact that the IT talent pool available here is second to none. This new unit will help us create a sustainable and long-term relationship with the country as well as other emerging economies.


What role does the Indian innovation center have with respect to the global R&D scenario?

QSI Healthcare will help QSI with its Technology Services, Business Services and Program Management. It will completely drive product development and support implementation for various projects to develop next-generation products. Our ambition is to be recognized in the market as an innovative company, just as it is in the U.S. or elsewhere. QSIH's products offer users flexible, customized solutions to meet the individual practice needs.


What are QSIH’s growth plans for India?

QSI Healthcare has officially commenced operations in Bangalore. We selected Bangalore because it ranks among the best IT hubs in the world with talented resources, good educational institutions, a large English-speaking population, and technological prowess. QSI is moving forward with a strategic plan to support the company’s growth and future development opportunities by launching a wholly-owned subsidiary in India. Many people have been working diligently over the past few months, both in the U.S. and in Bangalore, to make this vision into a reality.

What are your hiring plans and investment plans in India?


QSI Healthcare has very aggressive plans to grow and we plan to spend over Rs. 100 crore over the next three years to expand our India operations, given the U.S. economic stimulus and subsequent growth of the U.S. healthcare market. The investment will help create 1,000 plus jobs to support our India operations in the next 3 years.

Considering the fact that the healthcare sector in India has been in a booming mode over the last few years, don't you think your entry into the Indian market is a bit too late?

For QSI Healthcare, India is such an important market that it’s never really too late. We did plan to come here much earlier. However, things changed with the announcement of the stimulus bill by President Obama in February 2009. The bill provides $19 billion to speed up implementation of computerized Health Information Technology (HIT) system used by doctors and hospitals to rapidly, but securely, share health information on patients nationwide. This put us on a fast-track to be prepared going into January 2011 to have certified products for that particular market. And we had to postpone our India plan for a while.