The IIT-turned Uber driver: A good Samaritan or bluff?

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Just read the story with an innocent heart, and it has all the emotional stuff packed directly from Bollywood leaving you with a drenched handkerchief. But if you try to overdo the reading bit, the emotions might just fly away leaving your brain wondering why this route and not the shorter one.

Bengaluru-based Shrikant Singh recently wrote a post on his Facebook page about a very unusual encounter that he had with an Uber driver. Shrikant had a stunning experience with an Uber driver who was an IIT Kharagpur graduate, spoke fluent English, owned 50 Uber cars and a strawberry farm in Mysore.

Naturally fascinated, Shrikant asked him further questions out of curiosity, to find out that Anand, the Uber Driver, recently lost one of his drivers in a car accident (the car Anand was driving). The family of the deceased driver refused to take any money as compensation, so Anand decided to drive his car so that the inflow of money into that driver’s family continues.

This is one such story that will touch you to the core and inspire you to be a better human being, but then there are a lot of people who are rather letting their minds do all the debating about the route Anand took to drive Shrikant home.

Many people are pointing out, from the screenshot that Shrikant had shared, that Anand had taken the longer route, even when there was a much shorter route visible on the map. However, Shrikant refused to explain the reason behind the longer route and wrote, “A lot has been discussed about the logic of the trip length. All I can say is that there was was a reason behind that and given the virality of this post, I would rather keep quiet and let everyone speculate.”

CIOL IIT turned driver a good samaritan or bluff

CIOL IIT turned uber driver, a good Samaritan or bluff?

Some people are even questioning the veracity of the story saying it’s all concocted by Shrikant to seek attention. While some people claim that they have been driven by Anand before, and confirm Shrikant’s story.

CIOL The IIT-turned uber driver, a good Samaritan or bluff?

The post was written on 2nd July and has since been shared over 9,800 times, liked by more than 66,000 people, with over 100 comments.

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