IIT Ropar: Sanitizing Truck sanitizes anything within 25 Minutes using UV Light

IIT Ropar Team develops ‘Sanitising Trunk’ that uses UV Light to kill coronavirus to be available for only Rs 500. It sanitizes everything in 25 minutes.

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IIT Ropar creates sanitizing truck

IIT Ropar Team develops ‘Sanitising Trunk’ that uses UV Light to kill coronavirus. It will be available for only Rs 500. The team has created a trunk-shape device fitted with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology that can sanitise items, groceries and even currency notes making them coronavirus-free.


It should be noted that the sanitisation of the items is extremely important given that the infection-causing droplets can stay for a long time on the skins of vegetables, paper and plastic.

The team recommends that all items coming from outside including currency notes, vegetables any items ordered through delivery, wallets, mobile phones or any documents be placed in the trunk before being used.


IIT Ropar also tweeted on April 8:

"Right now there are many who wash vegetables with warm water before using but the same cannot be done with currency notes or wallets. So we have developed a common sanitising solution for everything," Naresh Rakha, Senior Scientific Officer at IIT Ropar, told news agency PTI.

"The device is based on ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology used in water purifiers. We strongly advise not to look directly at the light inside the trunk as it can be harmful," Mr Rakha said.

The device comes as a blessing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be available at the cost of only Rs 500 and will require around 30 minutes to sanitise the items that are put inside. Earlier, it was also reported that India is building UV Light Booth for doctors.

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