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IIT Roorkee (IITR) is kick-starting digital ERP project

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MUMBAI, INDIA: IIT Roorkee (IITR) is kick-starting SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project.


The project will be implemented in multiple phases and would cover the end-to-end life cycle management of the operations.

IITR has decided to implement a combination of the best-in-breed ERP solution that suits all our institute’s needs for example we can track a student from admission to being an alumni and track his movement in the future after leaving the institute too. It would help integrate hostel functions and academics of every student. It will also track a faculty member from the application process to post retirement phase. This will ensure a seamless integration of all entities across IITR and its campuses.”

The solution offers the scope of mapping of assets, their life cycles, data analytics of budgeting and resourceful financial forecasting techniques, augmentation of organizational scalability for future growth plans, data uniformity and integrity across various IITR units.


Plus digitization of assets will enable paperless work culture, assistance with real time decision support mechanism, automation for management controls and approval systems which in turn will improve the efficiency of existing processes with seamless integration of student information across IITR.

Professor Pradipta Banerji Director, IITR, said, “It has been a constant endeavor at IIT Roorkee to manage change in our processes and systems and to ensure that they are user friendly and transparent. The Digital ERP solution provided from Atos India would benefit in integrating our campuses across Roorkee, Saharanpur and Greater Noida.

Milind Kamat, EVP and CEO, Atos India, said, “We are quite excited to be in IIT Roorkee in their Digital Transformation Journey that starts with empowering of the Foundation IT that enables operational parts of the educational institutes, where all core business process are initially automated, then followed by implementation of the Student Lifecycle Management, using a robust portfolio of solutions from SAP solution.”

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