IIT Patna to offer a free online course on Big Data Computing via NPTEL

IIT Patna has designed this course keeping in mind the need for it and introducing some of the most common frameworks of Big Data.

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IIT Patna to offer free online course on Big Data Computing via NPTEL

Machine learning, big data, and data science skills are the most challenging to recruit for. Thus, this can potentially create the greatest resource to find jobs in product development and go-to-market strategies. According to Forbes, Big Data is also one of the highest-paying jobs in the US. The median advertised salary for professionals with big data expertise is $124,000 a year for the US market. IIT Patna has designed this course keeping in mind the need for it and introducing some of the most common frameworks of Big Data.


This course provides an in-depth understanding of terminologies and the core concepts behind big data problems, applications, systems and the techniques, that underlie today's big data computing technologies. It provides an introduction to some of the most common frameworks. IIT Patna states that the course is suitable for all UG/PG students and practising engineers and scientists from diverse fields who are interested in learning about the novel cutting edge techniques and applications of Big Data Computing.

Who can enrol in the course?

This is an Undergraduate computer science level course. But anyone can enrol in the course. The only prerequisite is you should know Data Structures and Algorithms. Further, Computer Architecture, Basic OS and Networking concepts will add to the knowledge resource. You also should have the desire to expand the horizon of your knowledge. Moreover, this course is a must-take for aspirants wishing to join companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook etc.


Timeline of the course

This Elective course has a duration of 8 weeks. It will start on 23 August 2021 and end on 15 October 2021. If you want the certificate, you have to give a proctored exam on 24 October 2021. The last date to enrol is 23 August 2021w.

Who will teach this Big Data Computing course?


The instructor Dr Rajiv Misra is working in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Patna, India. He has also mentored the online courses on Cloud Computing, Advanced Graph Theory and Distributed Systems in the platform of NPTEL.

What will the course teach?

This is an 8-week-long course. Here’s the itinerary for the course.


W1: Introduction to Big Data

W2: Introduction to Enabling Technologies for Big Data

W3: Introduction to Big Data Platforms

W4: Introduction to Big Data Storage Platforms for Large Scale Data Storage

W5: Introduction to Big Data Streaming Platforms for Fast Data

W6: Introduction to Big Data Applications (Machine Learning)

W7: Introduction of Big data Machine learning with Spark

W8: Introduction to Big Data Applications (Graph Processing)

How to obtain a certificate from IIT Patna?

The course is free to enrol and learn. But if you want a certificate, you have to register and write the optional proctored exam. The fee for this exam is ₹ 1000. Also, the successful completion of the exam does not guarantee a certificate. To get a certificate, you need to get 25% from the assignments and 75% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100.

Final score = Average assignment score (>10/25) + Exam score (>30/75). If one of the 2 criteria is not met, you will still not get the certificate even if the Final score > 40/100.

This printable certificate will carry the stamp from both NPTEL and IIT Patna. Further, you can enrol in the course here.

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