IIT Kanpur launches a 3 months free Python Online Coding Course

IIT Kanpur offers Python learning for free. Go on ---> Register for an account ---> Check out the free course ---> Start learning Python.

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IIT Kanpur Prutor Lab Free Python

Software is the background of all technical advances. It is the factor that holds the socio-economic sector of the country. It is also a budding sector and requires capacity building and large human resource. IIT Kanpur has, thus, developed a unique technology that soldiers on Machine Coding Learning.


Prof. Amey Karkare, CSE IIT Kanpur, conceived Prutor in 2015. Since then it has been developed by RobustResults. The course is now set to be adopted by 600+ institutes to teach introductory programming. The course also helps researchers understand how students today are learning to program.

IIT Kanpur Python course features:

Prutor is an online coding platform that provides teaches coding on the scale from basics to advanced. It is a 3-month online course and consists of 66 small lessons that provide the basic theoretical understanding along with practical hands-on programming. The course has over 1000 preloaded question that student can solve anytime they want. It is beginner-friendly and later covers Python in great detail.


IIT-Kanpur Python course teachers

There are 2 kinds of online classes available:

1. Free Python Online course - by Prof. Amey Karkare. This has free pre-recorded video lectures and practice problems. This course is without a certificate.


2. Paid Online courses - This also has free pre-recorded video lectures and practice problems. In addition to it, it also comes with a certificate and support is available over WhatsApp to resolve any issues.

The Prutor Coding Lab has trained over 150,ooo students and engaged over 600 colleges. Prestigious colleges such as- IIT Kanpur IIT Mumbai, IISC Bangalore, IIT Goa, IISER Bhopal and NIT Bhopal are already using the course to teach their kids.

Colleges can set up their coding labs with Prutor. Since it is a cloud application, the colleges will have a custom URL accessible from any machine. Also, Prutor uses proprietary machine learning-based approach to teach coding through step by step algorithmic approach.


How to register for the course

The course focuses on combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. The course costs 0 rupees to enrol. All you have to do is:

Go on ---> Register for an account ---> Check out the free course ---> Start watching and learning Python.

If you want to set up a Prutor Lab in your institute, you can go onto the website or contact Rahul Garg at 9910043510. Prutor even provides all computing resources and hands-on sessions. The only pre-requisite is a logical mind and familiarity with mathematics up till class 10th.

There are thousands of jobs available in the Programming area. Therefore, the course will help a lot, not only in the machine learning area but also logically.

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