IIT Kanpur Invites Startups To Hire Quality Summer Interns From The Institute

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Startup Internship Program is a part of Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Kanpur. Through SIP, IIT Kanpur aims to collaborate with startups who are willing to offer internship opportunities to IIT-K students. This year, E-Cell IIT Kanpur invites Startups to be a part of SIP 2021. From the lot of IIT Kanpur, you can hire summer interns for various profiles like Software Development, Analytics, Marketing, Designing, Operations, Data Science, Engineering, Business Development, Finance, Consulting, etc. as per your requirements. The selection process will be at your discretion.


About Startup Internship Program

IIT Kanpur has organised SIP successfully for 12 years now. Ever since its launch, it has been striving to help emerging startups hire quality students from IIT-K as summer interns and concurrently help the students gain some valuable work experience. The SIP will assist all the startups in hiring students, starting from resume forwarding to conducting interviews and/or tests.

IIT-K states that they have seen the impact of this initiative on more than 800 top-notch students. They have received unimaginably diverse, creative and dynamic internship opportunities in the field of their choice through this program in previous editions. This includes Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Consulting, Data Analysis, Data Science etc.


Timeline of the schedule

The recruitment will commence from January 2021 till April 2021, Further, the internship period will be from May to July 2021. The exact dates, however, will be decided by the startup.

Why should you hire from the Startup Internship Program?


According to IIT-K, "A team of talented, productive interns can allow startups to remain focused on high-level strategy. Since the students are new to corporate life, they are eager to prove their mettle and this is one feature a company can put to good use. An internship is also a great way to see how much potential a student has in the field. You’ll get to see their skills and work ethic as an intern and might choose to bring them on board as your core team member."

How to participate?

You can register through this google form to accept the invitation and be a part of SIP

Further, for more details contact these SIP Managers

Anshul: 9691230253

Faizan: 9565749775

Shashank: 7426053537