IIT Delhi 51st convocation ceremony: Key highlights from PM Modi’s speech

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IIT Delhi 51st convocation ceremony: Key highlights from PM Modi’s speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the graduating students of IIT Delhi on their 51st convocation ceremony. He started with speaking about the importance of the day as the country would get over 2000 technology experts through IIT Delhi. Moving further, he congratulated the students, and especially the parents and teachers. He also congratulated the institute on the occasion of its diamond jubilee.


PM also paid tribute to CV Raman on his birth anniversary. He highlighted his contribution to revolutionizing the world of science and how it is, even today, helping scientists all over the world.

IIT Delhi conducted the convocation in hybrid mode, with limited audience present in-person. It was webcast live from the institute’s Dogra Hall.

Key points to catch from the speech


Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming a working reality

PM mentioned how drastically has the world changed after COVID-19 came into existence. “Post COVID world is going to be entirely different, and, in this, technology will be playing a major role. Until last year, nobody had imagined that whether it is meetings or exams, viva or convocations, everything would change.” He said.

“Virtual reality and augmented reality are replacing and hence becoming a working reality.”, he added.


Think of COVID-19 as an opportunity

He spoke about students who must be feeling that this year is unlucky for their batch. “I’m sure you’re asking yourself; did all this have to happen in our graduating year only”, he said referring to a large chunk of students who feel that this year is not very lucky for their batch.

He asks students to see the current pandemic as an opportunity to learn more and utilize the time to build up skills. “…but think of it differently. You have a first-mover advantage. You have more time to learn and adapt to the new norms emerging in the workplace and beyond. So, make the most use of it”, he said.


Self-reliance is as important as globalization

Students of IITs are innovating continuously, which is a great contribution to the AatmaNirbhar Bharat initiative, he said. COVID-19 has taught us to be self-reliant. It has taught us that self-reliance is as important globalization, he added.

He also highlighted the importance of AatmaNirbhar Bharat initiative. The initiative has allowed tech enthusiasts to innovate freely and hence to scale and market their innovations, he said.


The government will give you ‘ease of doing business’, you give poor ‘the ease of living’

He says that government will provide every support to innovators and the youth to ensure the “ease of doing business”; in place of which innovators and the youth will ensure the “ease of living” for the poor and underprivileged sections of the country.

He also highlights the potential for innovation that has been created in the agriculture sector for the first time. “For the first time, so much potential has been created for innovation and new startups in the agricultural sector. For the first time, private investment avenues have opened up in the space sector. Two days ago, a major reform has also been done for Ease of doing business of BPO sector”, the PM said.


Apart from this, he mentioned the removal of those laws that prohibited the concept of work from home or work from anywhere in the tech industry. The PM said, “such provisions which were a hindrance in the way of working from home or anywhere else for the tech industry have been removed. This will make the IT sector globally more competitive”.

PM Modi’s tips to students for professional life

• Focus on quality; never compromise.

• Ensure scalability; make innovations work at a mass scale.

• Ensure reliability; bring long-term trust in the market.

• Bring in adaptability; be open to all sorts of changes and expect uncertainty as a way of life.


Be the original version of yourself

“You are students with exceptional ability. You have passed one of the toughest exams- JEE at the age of 17-18. Then you came to IIT. Two things will enhance your ability even more; one is flexibility and the other is humility. By flexibility, I refer to the possibility of standing out and fitting in. At no point in your life, must you shed your identity. Never be the like version of someone or something. Be the original version. Champion whatever value you believe in and never hesitate from fitting into a team.”

“Individual effort has its limits, the way ahead lies in teamwork. Teamwork brings completeness. The second is humility. You must be rightfully proud of your success and achievements. Very few people have done what you have. This should make you even more down to earth. It is important that one keeps challenging oneself and continue to learn each day. It is also important that you treat yourself as a student for life,” the PM said.

Never think what you know is enough: PM

“One should keep challenging oneself and continues to learn each day. it is also important to treat yourself as a student throughout life. Never think that what you know is enough. Our Shashtra says that knowledge and truth are infinite like the universe,” the PM told the graduating students of IIT Delhi.

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