iControl accelerates growth of smart home device ecosystem

New Update

REDWOOD CITY, USA: iControl Networks, a leader in connected home technology and innovation, announced the availability of its OpenHome Partner Program for device manufacturers. iControl previously announced its OpenHome Partner Program for application developers to advance in-home app distribution on touch screens.


The expanded program will allow device manufacturers to integrate connected products with iControl smart home platform solutions. Collectively, the OpenHome Program will increase the number of apps and devices available to consumers who are interested in creating custom smart home experiences.

The expanded OpenHome Partner Program allows device partners to be easily and simultaneously certified compatible with iControl platform solutions, including those that power Comcast's Xfinity Home, Time Warner Cable's IntelligentHome and Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, among others.

Certified devices will interoperate with the full spectrum of connected home solutions, from self-monitoring and home automation to professionally-monitored home security systems. The interoperability will initially be built on the open ZigBee standard and is designed to eventually support additional protocols and devices.

"The OpenHome Partner Program will create unprecedented speed to market for device makers interested in teaming with leading smart home providers to bring connected products into homes," said Jason Domangue, iControl's VP of ecosystem development. "It's a win-win for service providers and device makers, but more importantly, it advances the smart home for consumers by harnessing the collective power of the most innovative home products on the market today."

iControl-powered smart home solutions allow consumers to manage the things that matter most to them-their homes, families and safety-all with the touch of a button. Through the expanded OpenHome Partner Program, users will be able to control an expansive variety of devices throughout their homes via their smartphones, touch screens or PCs.