Huawei Launches ICT Solutions for Cloud-based Railways at InnoTrans 2018

At InnoTrans 2018, Huawei today launched new ICT solutions including Urban Rail Cloud, and Railway IoT Solution, released the world’s first commercial case

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Huawei Cloud based Railways, the Future of Mobility at InnoTrans 2018

At InnoTrans 2018, Huawei launches new ICT solutions including Urban Rail Cloud, and Railway IoT Solution, released the world’s first commercial case in the field of urban rail-oriented OTN powered high-speed bearer network, all designed to help rail operators deliver a connected, safe and efficient experience for passengers. From September 18 to 21, Huawei is showcasing its end-to-end solutions at the event under the theme of "Cloud-based Railways, the Future of Mobility". Huawei is also collaborating with industry partners to demonstrate how cloud-based services, mobile broadband and cutting-edge technologies can be applied to create fully-connected digital railways.


Traditional siloed IT architectures deployed in many rail companies make resource sharing difficult and no longer meet the needs of today’s railways which demand real-time access to information and applications to drive a connected passenger experience.

Building future-oriented smart urban rails and smart railways requires a rail cloud platform and advanced ICT solutions that enable railway informatization to increase operational efficiency and enhance the passenger experience.

As an influential event in the global rail industry, InnoTrans attracts 2,761 exhibitors from 55 countries and nearly 90,000 trade attendees from international railways and industries related to rail transportation. Huawei is participating as an exhibitor and holding high-level meetings and CXO roundtables. Alongside the event, Huawei Global Railway Summit 2018 will take place on September 20, gathering representatives from more than 200 industrial organizations, rail operators, system integrators and industry partners, including the International Union of Railways (UIC), Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Deutsche Bahn and Thales Group, to explore best practices, trends and challenges of the industry.


Huawei Showcases the Latest ICT solutions for Digital Railways and Urban Rail

Steven Xiong, Vice President of the Rail Industry of the Transportation Sector of Huawei Enterprise BG said: "We are focused on providing advanced solutions that help rail operators enhance the passenger travel experience, improve safety and heighten operational efficiency. Huawei's latest ICT solutions for cloud-based railways showcased during InnoTrans will help rail operators achieve digital transformation and accelerate service innovation, improving daily transportation for increasing volumes of passengers. Looking ahead, Huawei is committed to developing an industry ecosystem for rail transportation and providing more cutting-edge solutions that meet rail operators’ needs."

To address the various ICT requirements of rail operators across multi-service scenarios, Huawei is exhibiting ICT solutions in five areas of its booth: Railway Operational Communication, Urban Rail Operational Communication Network, Agile Depot, Cloud OCC (operation control center), and Rail ICT Services. ICT solutions, including GSM-R/LTE, IP networks, optical transport networks, servers, storage, cloud platforms and partner applications, is demonstrating how Huawei provides end-to-end, highly reliable communication solutions to enable the digital transformation of rail operators, and related customer stories is exemplifying how they can be implemented. With the large-scale application of 4G LTE communications networks and the advent of 5G, Huawei is also highlighting the benefits of its train-to-ground wireless broadband communications networks. In addition, Huawei is demonstrating its LTE-R solution, which is based on the latest 3GPP R15 standard and supports 500km/h high-speed railway operational requirements.


Huawei Launches Multiple Competitive Solutions for the Rail Industry

As an innovative leader driving the future of mobility and supporting railways around the world, Huawei together with its partners jointly released multiple solutions for the rail industry at InnoTrans 2018, providing a unified and efficient ICT platform for industry-wide digital transformation.

· Huawei Releases Urban Rail Cloud and Railway IoT Solution

Huawei’s Urban Rail Cloud provides a smart cloud platform to accelerate the transition from single to multiple-line operations for smart urban rails. The solution breaks down siloed service systems to achieve resource sharing, on-demand resource allocation, and flexible expansion for new services.


Huawei’s Railway IoT solution is the industry’s first Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) solution for trackside scenarios with innovative features including IoT sharing, visualized operation, and situational awareness. The solution enables rail operators to develop an intelligent rail system with comprehensive sensing capabilities.

· Huawei Introduces the World's First Commercial OTN (Optical Transport Network) Metro Network: The Upper-Layer Communication Network of Shanghai Metro

Shanghai Shentong Metro Group has adopted Huawei's OTN solution to build an upper-layer communication network for Shanghai Metro, which was completed and put into commercial use in 2018. This represents the first time OTN technology has been commercialized in the global urban rail industry, providing a network foundation with high bandwidth and low latency for service cloudification in the future.


· Huawei Launches the New-generation IP Railway Solution

The new-generation IP Railway Solution features ultra-large bandwidth, high security and reliability, simple O&M, and innovative technologies. It uses industry-leading Huawei NE series routers to support 100G/400G evolution and broadband services such as video services, helping rail transportation enter an all-IP era.

Huawei’s digital railway solutions have served 220,000 km of railways and highways, more than 60 urban tracks, and over 50 railway owners worldwide to enable convenient travel and smooth logistics. During InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin, Germany, Huawei's exhibition area is located at Hall 7.1b of Messe Berlin.

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