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FRISCO, TEXAS: FireWave Technology, a provider technology services to the SMB market, on Wednesday announced the release of ClearVision Performance. Designed to provide businesses with an essential tool for introducing and managing an effective employee performance appraisal program.


ClearVision combines simple system set up with job templates and competency tools for an affordable monthly subscription rate. It delivers employee review functionality essential to a growing businesses looking to align staff with the goals of the business to optimize company performance. With a site that can be configured fast to aggregate company core competencies, individual job competencies and goals and objectives into a single appraisal, managers become more effective in delivering productive feedback to staff, said a press release.

Greg Strange, SVP of Product Strategy for FireWave Technology said "We've had a lot of opportunity to review the performance management products that currently make up the industry and there are a lot of great applications designed for the mid-market and up, but solutions for the SMB market are either highly robust and unaffordable, or so focused on great metrics that the actual review process gets overlooked.”

"We wanted to focus on streamlining the appraisal process so managers and employees can get through it and then provide the reports HR managers or business leaders actually use. We can build onto the system from there," he added.