HP launches IA-32-based servers

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NEW DELHI: HP has introduced six new IA-32-based servers targeting markets that range from entry level to high-end business. The products include HP tc2110 and tc3100 for the small enterprises and medium level businesses, HP tc4100 for workgroup and office customers and tc6100 for mid level corporate while the tc7100 and rc7100 are for the high-end segment.

According to HP, the Tc2110 server is considered the first Pentium IV-based server that is being offered to small and mid-sized enterprises. The tc4100 is a Pentium III dual processor while tc6100 features two Intel Xeon processors and remote manageability. The high-end server tc7100 uses four Intel Xeon processor MP CPU offered in a rackable 5U design. For space constrained enterprise customers rc7100 with four Xeon processor MP CPU is available in a dense 3U rack.

"The introduction of these servers for the entire market segment is aimed at gaining a dominant position in the Indian market. It provides a one-stop solution to our customers that are deploying mission critical applications that is increasing by the day. With our strong channel focus and our support initiatives we are looking at an aggressive growth", said Gary Erickson, Director, Product Marketing, HP.

These servers also provide ease of migration for those considering moving from legacy architectures. "We would also like to announce the HP and Intel tie-up in which we would together provide personalized support service, online help from experts, post sales support and a 24X7 help in more than 40 cities across India", he added.

In addition to the six servers, HP would also bundle some software products and capabilities together with their IA-32-based product suite. These include Rapid Deployment software that allows customers to quickly deploy multiple and remote IA-32 based servers. A plug-and-play Linux software, optionally pre-loaded, is able to recognize the server address on the LAN and servers can be thereby managed and changed from any client browser. For enabling customers to manage servers remotely from a Web browser, a remote management card is also made available which is embedded with a Web server.

The tc2110 is priced starting from Rs 89,990, price of tc3100 starts at Rs 1.25 lakh and the tc4100 price range starts from Rs 1.85 lakh, tc6100 starting from Rs 3.25 lakh, tc7100 starting from Rs 5.75 lakh and rc7100 starting from Rs 6 lakh, all depending on the configuration needs of the customer.