How to unlock iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 iOS 4.1?

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone is common among iPhone owners. This process allows them to install third party applications; customise with themes, background, music or other settings; play around with springboard add-ons; and many others.


Unlocking and jailbreaking a phone does have its risk and if done incorrectly can render a phone inoperable.

iPhone Unlocking, has created software to allow users to both unlock and jailbreak iPhone 4.1, the latest iOS version of iPhone. The new software is also capable of unlocking iPhone 3G, 3Gs and iPhone 4 worldwide in a few minutes and compatible with both Windows or Macintosh operating system said a press release.

The release added, iPhone Unlocking's fresh tool to unlock iPhone is also compatible with all firmware versions. Upon unlocking an iPhone, users will be able to use any network provider of their choice from any location in the world.

Developed with simplicity in mind, the new software is usable by anyone from anywhere in the world, with ease and without the need for a technical background added the release. also offers its latest software with an additional debugging functionality that is not available with any other software solution. This add-on is deemed to enhance the performance and general speed of the iPhone added the release.