How we test software at Microsoft

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Discover how Microsoft implements and manages a company-wide software-testing process-straight from testers at Microsoft. Software testing requires people, processes, and tools. Organizing a testing program is resource intensive, even when necessary tradeoffs are made-no development team can test every scenario.


This book includes expert insights and effective testing techniques and methodologies-including the pros and cons of various approaches. To provide interesting context, it also provides facts about Microsoft, including the number of test machines, how the company uses automated test cases, and the number of bugs entered for products. Ideal for both testers and test managers, this book answers key testing questions, such as who tests what, when, and with what tools.

The main key benefits delivered in this book are:

  • Delivers a consolidated list of highly effective testing techniques and methodologies-including pros and cons of different approaches
  • Provides expert insights into testing at Microsoft
  • Includes interesting facts about Microsoft, such as number of test machines, use of automated test cases, and numbers of bugs entered in a product or across all products
  • Features information about future thoughts on testing and verification methods

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