How CIOs can ensure IT project success?

New Update

REDWOOD CITY, USA: The rollout of was plagued with problems, from insufficient infrastructure and poorly written code, to lack of advance end user testing or capacity assessment. But is not alone in these issues. In fact, the current success rate for IT projects is less than 25 percent.


To address this high rate of IT failure, Agiloft, a leading provider of business process automation software, has released a new white paper, titled How to Ensure the Success of IT Projects. Based on the input of over 70 CIOs and senior IT managers, this paper provides actionable advice to ensure that IT projects are successfully delivered on time and on budget.

Aimed at CIOs, project managers, and other IT professionals, it covers topics that could have prevented the disaster such as early user testing, developing clear requirements and engineering specifications, capacity planning, and ensuring that third party developers share project risks.

"With proactive, disciplined management and adherence to some fundamental tenets of IT project management, it is possible to virtually ensure the success of IT projects," said Agiloft CEO, Colin Earl. "Agiloft's new white paper aims to improve the current success rate of IT projects, and hopefully prevent another"

Agiloft's solution avoids many of the pitfalls that plague other IT projects by avoiding custom code. By enabling deep configuration changes using just a browser, Agiloft's agile technology slashes deployment times and eliminates the costs, delays, and uncertainty of custom code.

Agiloft meets the needs of global Fortune 100 companies and US government agencies for scalability, uptime and security. It is also the only software company in the industry with the confidence to back up its implementations with a 100% unconditional guarantee of success - a guarantee made possible by the unique Agiloft development platform and track record of success over the last decade.