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BANGALORE, INDIA: The Freescale Technology Forum 2009 here brought into focus many new cutting-edge technologies from Freescale and its partners that have the potential to change the way we communicate, conduct our day-to-day activities.


The highlight of the forum was the much awaited prototype of the smart book, based on Freescale's i.MC processor. The prototype is expected to enable sub-S200 devices, revolutionizing the smart book market.

However, there were many more interesting technologies that caught our attention.

Here is a peek into new hot technologies:



publive-imageiWave has come out with iW-RainboW-G3, a design based on Freescale's i.MX Processor, that enables the development of various state-of-the-art multimedia products. This flexible and cost-effective design is a boon for the rapidly growing consumer and enterprise markets.

Says Mohammed Qayyum, member, business development, iWave, "The key features of the design include iMX27 Processor with WinCE6.0?Linux 2.622/Android/Qtopia with MPEG4/H.264H/W Codecs, Wi-fi, Camera, Audio/Video, Dual SD, USB 2.0 Host etc.


The design can be used in various applications like Video Phone, Wi-fi IP surveillance camera, Wi-fi rear-view camera, digital video recorder, connected photo frame,IPTV, Mobile TVPDA, among others.


iW Videophone

This "Voice and video over IP Phone" reference design by iWave is also based on Freescale's iMX27 processor. Qayyum adds that this design can be easily customized to build high performance, cost-effective video phones. This feature-rich design enables OEMs and ODMs to develop low-cost, high-quality, stable products.



  • Highly portable device
  • Touch screen based design
  • Wired/Wireless LAN connectivity


  • Video IP Phones for home
  • Enterprise video communication/conferencing
  • Telemedicine



Mumbai-based Digilink, a company committed to meeting the evolving Digital Information needs, showed off its video phone application optimized to leverage the capabilities of 1.MC-51 silicon available on smart books based on iMX-51 platform.

Natarajan S, vice president, R&D, Digilink says the application would be ideal for customers who are looking for light weight, mobile platform with excellent battery life and along with other host of popular applications such as browsing, email productivity entertainment and other applications.

The application is being ported to Digilink's GVC-3000, a desktop phone completely designed and developed at the company's Bangalore R&D center.



Innovlite, the Bangalore-based company devoted to innovation, is lighting space, showcasing its 'Touch sense based wire3less LED lighting control'.

According to BR Raghav, founder and director, Innovlite, the wireless LED lighting control, can help enterprises bring down power bills by making judicious use of power with the help of the application.

With Touchsense-based wireless LED lighting control we are providing an interface for the intelligent lighting solutions, he adds.

This company has also won accolades during the 2008 Freescale Technology Forum for its solar powered LED lamp that the company had designed using a Freescale chip. The technology is expected to become an effective replacement for kerosene lamps.