Hitachi Data Systems delivers Industry's first Integrated File Services Platform

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and the only provider of Services Oriented Storage Solutions (SOSS), introduced all new file and content services that dramatically simplify data management.  The announcements include the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite, a new line-up of advanced network attached storage (NAS) services with the introduction of the Hitachi Essential NAS Platform and Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform 3000 Series and a new version of the Hitachi Content Archive Platform.


Cost continues to be a huge issue for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in Asia Pacific today. Managing siloed unstructured data has become more difficult due to IT infrastructures becoming more complex. CIOs are demanding technology that can help them manage the complexity cost effectively. Managing cost with one consolidated platform is the primary business benefit of the new services. With today's announcement, Hitachi delivers common search, retention, movement and protection of data — extending its proven capabilities in block storage data management to file services with in an integrated services oriented platform.

"We are taking our proven experience in storing and managing block storage environments and extending that strength to file services—reducing the risk of rogue data, while improving operating efficiencies. The launch also helps us to fulfill our promise of helping companies in the Asia Pacific region to reduce IT costs and complexity, manage risk, increase operational efficiency and deliver more value through our integrated services oriented storage solutions platform," said Srini Rao, Chief Technical Manager, India, Hitachi Data Systems.

Introducing the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite

The newly unveiled Hitachi Data Discovery Suite delivers powerful content index and search services across NAS and content archive environments with a single query — an industry first that breaks through the traditional barriers of stovepipe storage infrastructures and mitigates the risk of unmanaged or rogue data. The Hitachi Data Discovery Suite also empowers users to do file restores themselves as well as archiving files directly from SharePoint — saving Help Desk resources while at the same time promoting data privacy.


Unlike competitors that force customers and partners to haggle with disparate and closed storage infrastructures, the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite will enable enterprise content management, e-mail archiving and other third-party applications to write directly to the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform and migrate that data to the Hitachi Content Archive Platform for long-term data preservation — allowing secure, seamless data discovery and migration across tiers of storage. These capabilities can be extended to ISV partners or custom applications. 

Introducing All New Hitachi Network Attached Storage Platforms 

Hitachi is leveraging its proven best-in-class availability and scalability in SAN or block storage environments and is extending this capability to NAS with two new products that lower customers' total cost of ownership through file server or NAS consolidation. The Hitachi Essential NAS Platform and the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform 3000 deliver best-in-class NAS services to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.


The Hitachi Essential NAS Platform is for medium-sized businesses or enterprises with remote or branch offices that require reliable and cost-effective solutions that deliver file service, backup and server consolidation services. The Hitachi Essential NAS Platform consolidates and manages up to 512 terabytes of data in a 2-node cluster with access to data from Common Internet File System (CIFS) and Network File Systems (NFS).

Available as a NAS gateway or standalone NAS filer, the Hitachi Essential NAS Platform comes with identical features and functionalities in both form factors—delivering the ultimate in flexibility for customers.

The Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform, powered by BlueArc, is being successfully used by many organizations to deliver large-scale consolidation, leading-edge performance, enterprise-class data protection, reliability and scalability. Hitachi is continuing to build on its lead over the competition with the introduction of the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform 3000 Series.  With significant performance and capacity enhancements over its predecessor, the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform 3000 Series is ideal for large enterprises focused on consolidation and companies requiring intensive file processing.

Introducing the Hitachi Content Archive Platform 2.4

As the growth of unstructured data continues to skyrocket and new regulations require quick access to archived data, advanced, federated search capabilities across this disparate content is becoming increasingly important. The enhanced Hitachi Content Archive Platform is an integral component of the Hitachi Services Oriented Storage Solutions strategy and features new authentication services to ensure the secure, long-term preservation and retrieval of valuable information ensuring that the right people get immediate access to the right information at the right time.

Hitachi's Services Oriented Platform Simplifies the Entire Storage Infrastructure

With today's announcements of the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite and expanded and enhanced Hitachi NAS and Content Archive services, Hitachi is once again delivering customers more value on an integrated services oriented platform. Building on this platform, Hitachi also unveiled today Hitachi Data Discovery Suite for Microsoft SharePoint.  Working with the Hitachi Content Archive Platform, Hitachi Data Discovery for Microsoft SharePoint gives users a simple way to archive files to the Content Archive Platform. Additionally, the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite for Microsoft SharePoint provides administrative searching across all content stored within the Hitachi Content Archive Platform.  The software can span across many SharePoint sites allowing fully authenticated and authorized ubiquitous access. With Hitachi Data Discovery for Microsoft SharePoint, users can also set up proactive RSS feeds that can detect rogue data or information relevant to a discovery request.