How to hire web developers: A non-tech manager’s guide

How a manager having no technical knowledge can hire web developers? Hiring a web developer could be a tedious job, but not with these tricks.

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By Greg Robinson, Tech Entrepreneur


Hiring is always a complex process. It’s never simple to pick the newest addition to your team. You need your new team member to fit in with the company culture, agree with your mission, and have the right skill set.

Creating a web developer job description that is alluring and informative is often difficult for employers. What’s more: job posting can be even more daunting.

One of the most laborious parts of hiring is the interview process. To hire web developers, you’ll need to write a compelling job description, craft a strong interview script, and get to know the web developer candidates. Here are some proven tips to help you hire web developers quickly and efficiently:


Write a compelling job description

A job description is a powerful tool for hiring managers as it is the first point of attack in finding the right candidate. There are always risks when creating job posts that are too technical or too cultural.

Making post mistakes can cost you the right web developer for the wrong reasons. That is why it is important to keep your message on brand, but, not too directed as to alienate potential candidates. When posted on certain tech job boards the traction can be incredible.


Hone the job listing

If you posted a great job description on GitHub or Stack Overflow you might get thousands of replies in only a few weeks. That is the power of a compelling job description. It is casting the strongest net against the strongest tide.

The posting should include details about the work culture and expected skills. Writing a great job description, however, should include input from the technical side of your business as to not mislead or require unrealistic skills.


Oftentimes, job postings will ask web developers to be proficient in skills that aren’t requisite, just impressive. That, ultimately, does not guarantee a successful contract with the candidate. Ideally, your posting attracts a web developer with all the requisite skills and the perfect personality to mesh with your team.

Prepare an interview script with technical and cultural questions

The interview process, much like the job posting, should not be alienating or overly technical. Instead, aim for a balance between skill and fit that can shine a light on their skills and personality.


Preparing a web developer interview script with too many technical questions may find you a very gifted programmer, but, not necessarily a good employee for your company.

Conversely, finding a web developer with the right person does not guarantee that they have the knowledge base required to excel in the position.

That is why your script should be prepared with questions that appropriately gauge their skill level along with their technical knowledge base.


Ask the interviewee about their goals as a web developer

Getting to know the web developer candidate is essential. While you’ve peppered in some personal, professional, and portfolio questions. You’ve likely ascertained the personality, work ethic, and talent of the web developer candidate.

Now it’s time to assess their readiness and commitment to the web developer role at your company.


Ask the web developer about their intentions with this role and their overarching goals with your business. Are they looking to hone their skills? Help build your company? Hone leadership skills? You can find out only if you ask.


Web developers are notoriously hard to find and even harder to screen, interview, and hire. Simplify the hiring process with these proven pointers.

Remember to write a compelling job description, one that truly helps the candidate understand the role and the opportunity at your company. Make the role sound as appealing as possible, beating out competitors by enticing web developers and generating interest.

Hone the job listing by posting in the right places, adding a strong call-to-action, and listing positive aspects of your business and the role.

Before the interview process begins, be sure to prepare a boilerplate interview script. While the script won’t guide you through every interview step-by-step, it can act as a great guideline for conducting web developer interviews.

Finally, it’s of utmost importance to get to know the web developer’s career goals and thoughts about your company.

Follow these proven hiring pointers to hire web developers more swiftly and effectively.