Here comes a pen that memorizes your writings!

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Today is the day of weird innovations and inventions! And this year here are some really interesting inventions that make you not just laugh but think seriously.

Australian pen maker Artline made hay with the advertisement of a new product in newspapers and on its website – a pen that remembers everything you write.

"Forget the worry of losing the shopping list or the scrap of paper with that vital name or number on it," read the Artline advertisement. "You can download it all later – as you wrote it, or in the typeface of your choice."

Last year on this day the company had “unveiled” a pen with microchip tracking so no one could pinch it, you remember?!

Then there is this website, which came up with the "twapler", which is a "stapler that automatically sends a message via Bluetooth or WiFi to a Twitter feed detailing exactly what you’re stapling at any given moment".

"Whether you’re joining together a research project, tax forms or your divorce papers, the Twapler will send out a message for eager tweeters to revel in," says the ‘inventor’!

What an idea, sir ji!

Interestingly, Australian broadcaster ABC put out a spoof interview with an injured David Beckham in which the former England soccer captain said he was set to join the Australian national team, the Socceroos, as assistant manager and lead them to World Cup glory in South Africa.

On the other hand, residents of the small Australian town of Murwillumbah woke up to the news in local newspaper the Tweed Daily News that "Avatar" director James Cameron had scouted local rainforests as a location for a sequel to the box-office hit.

Of course, to celebrate the day, search giant Goolge has come up with a great special version of its voice search! “Google Japan developed a special version of Google Voice Search for animals. Unfortunately, Google Translate is not very helpful,” says a blog.

On the other hand, Google UK put up a spoof video claiming to have created an app that translates animal noises into English. They also placed the app in the Android Market. Searches for "Translate for Animals" actually lead to an app by that name. The app offers animal choices and displays the microphone symbol.

The "translations" are random quotes.

"For this animal, the dog still, cats, pigeons are just the future, cows and horses, hamsters, frogs, and plans to expand into. Voice Search a variety of potential animals, you try all means, exchange’d appreciate help with animals. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful to the people around the world. You are also feeling the animal to be able to access, will continue to continue research, and Nakajima are saying."

And beyond all these funs, there is a potential threat too. In the guise of the April 1st fun, virus may hit your system, so be careful!

Finally, April Fools’ Day dates back to centuries, but its origins remain unclear. A widespread theory is that it dates back to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar with the term April Fool applying to those who were still following the Julian Calendar.

Whatever be the history, the fun gives some food for thought too, cheers!

(With inputs from Reuters)

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