Helpingu2save now stocking water damage repair kits for iPhone

New Update

CHESTERFIELD, UK: If you have ever experienced a water damaged phone, you'll know that it can be extremely difficult to get a replacement - even if you have phone insurance. The good news is that helpingu2save are stocking everything you need to get your mobile working again - even if it's a smartphone.


When Apple updated the mobile operating system on its phones to iOS7 in September an advert circulated stating that the new software installed a trip switch in the iPhone which meant that it could be exposed to large volumes of water, effectively making it waterproof.

Newspapers reported that dozens of unsuspecting people had fallen foul of the hoax and caused massive damage to their Apple products after trying them out underwater. If you've ever wanted to actually waterproof your's probably not going to happen. At least not without a hardware update from Apple themselves.

The good news is that if you have accidently damaged your iPhone - whether that's testing it out underwater or getting stuck in heavy rain - Helpingu2save are now stocking the reviveaphone water damage repair kit, which should give you everything you need to get your Apple product working again.


If your phone is exposed to large amounts of water, large amounts of mineral deposits will usually find their way into the inner workings on your electronic device - these have to be cleaned properly before there is any chance of the phone working again. The reviveaphone solution can be applied directly to the iPhone - without causing any further damage - and will remove the mineral deposits so you are able to start using the phone once more.

If your phone is still working after it has been exposed to large volumes of water, there's a good chance that it will start to fail within a couple of weeks. It's absolutely vital in case this happens that you turn off the phone immediately - this will help to prevent any further damage to the phone. With reviveaphone you do not even have to disassemble the phone to get to its inner workings - the solution can enter the phone itself without you risking any breakages. This will give you the best possible chance of being able to recover your phone.