Help AG launches security analysis division and co-ordinated threat mitigation services at SSF

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DUBAI, UAE: Help AG has added further credibility to its position as a leading information security services and solutions provider in the Middle East by launching a Security Analysis division and offering its enterprise customers a cloud-based Co-ordinated Threat Mitigation (CTM) service.


The announcement regarding the new capabilities was made at the company's recently concluded Security Spotlight Forum (SSF) events that were held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha between 24-26 September, 2013.

"Today's cyber threats have evolved to a stage where traditional security technologies and procedures are no longer effective in pre-empting malicious attacks or mitigating losses from such acts. CTM is a central intelligence and control environment solution which enables early detection and mitigation of attacks on customer environments. Currently we will deliver application level DDOS mitigation and anti-defacement services to our customers and we are confident of seeing a growing uptake of these solutions across the region," says Stephan Berner, MD at Help AG.

Help AG's Security Spotlight Forum, saw attendance by a large number of prominent government and private sector organizations from the UAE and Qatar, who were educated on the latest security issues including mobile application security, strategic approaches of adopting technical controls into information security management, the concept and benefits of CTM and were even treated to a live hacking demonstration proving that the commonly implemented WPA2/enterprise for Wi-Fi security can be less secure than other implementations.

The company also launched its Security Analysis division headed by Khaled Al Hawasli, a long standing senior staff member who formerly worked with the Dubai Police. This division augments Help AG's technical capabilities and will offer customers five new services which are imperative to uncovering security vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Al Hawasli listed these capabilities as: Security Review; Penetration Testing; Configuration Architecture Review; Vulnerability Assessment (including mobile platforms) and Social Engineering and Exploitation.

While other organizations in the region do offer penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, Khaled Al Hawasli believes Help AG has a definite advantage in this field. He said: "What companies are currently being offered is a procedural or mechanical approach to vulnerability assessment and penetration testing that utilizes off-the-shelf tools. However, every IT environment is unique and only a logical approach can truly help customers uncover potential security loopholes. We will leverage our extensive technical expertise to ensure that our customers can best secure their infrastructures and reap the maximum benefits of their IT investments."