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MUMBAI, INDIA: With the fast paced modern-day lifestyle and surmounting work pressures, people find it difficult to devote time to family, friends and partners. Given this situation, there's a growing number of individuals suffering from broken relationships leading to long term psychological as well as health problems. 


While in India, people in general refrain from going to psychologists for counseling and treatment, they are always in search for someone with whom they can share their emotions, feelings and pain.

Addressing such typical yet important aspects of human life, Mumbai-based Ankit, a professional  marketeer and radio jockey, along with his three friends Anshuman, Sandeep and Nainy has come up with a unique portal called

According to Ankit, the portal's vision is to keep you away from soul-crushing, revenge-seeking and self-pitying emotions, but help you bounce back with the right spirit. He says that in case of a break-up, the person needs to register with the site and within 24 hours he/she will be contacted.


While a person registers with, he/she needs to mention personal details such as hobbies, work, location, duration of relationship. Subsequently, the team works on the individual's problems and initiates a communication with him/her.

The whole process is around two sessions and based on the information gathered, the team comes out with some suggestions. Though the process looks easy, Ankit points out, ''A person who has a break-up is very insecure about how to carry on with life so we cannot ask him directly about his/her past. So we disguise it with hobbies and other stuff while also asking the main reason for the  break-up.''

''This way, the person takes us into his/her personal zone. Since he/she doesn't know us, it's even better as we are not judging them at any point. It's on the information provided by the people that we give suggestions,'' Ankit adds.


The portal offers two packages - free and paid. Email assistance and Skype (2 sessions) plus an in-depth analysis of how to get over your past is offered on the free service. Here the team asks various questions to know the details of a person's life.

''See it's not rocket science to forget somebody but the only thing you have to do is to take your mind off her. And the best way to start is taking life day by day and focusing on your hobbies,'' Ankit advises.

He adds, ''This whole process of asking your hobbies, talking to you and then suggesting is a part of a mini algorithm that we have developed, which has almost 86 per cent success and people do what we suggest.”


The full paid service costs around Rs.2500 comes with some customized solutions like Test for Stability, Dateability quotient and others. The service package lasts for four weeks with multiple sessions, where the person is not only suggested with some mini algorithms to deal with break-up but is also engaged in outdoor events, groomed and helped for starting new relationship.   

''If a client wants personal interaction and is comfortable with it we would go all the way to fulfill the same. Our USP is customized services to each person based on their needs and requirements,'' Ankit comments.

Since the website's launch in July, around 60 per cent girls and 40 per cent boys have logged on to it.

''We don't publicize that we have psychologists on board as Indians are very wary of that word. In India people need to be educated more about the service. In the future we plan to hold Breakup Boot camps to give a reality check to people who have not yet checked our services,'' Ankit concludes.