HCL joins forces with UP Govt in NREGA project

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NEW DELHI, INDIA: HCL Infosystems, India’s premier information enabling ICT System Integration Company, has announced that it is undertaking a prestigious project with the Uttar Pradesh (UP) State Government, in-order to facilitate disbursement of wages to workers under NREGA project.


In line with creating an electronic monitoring and payment system, State Government of Uttar Pradesh has partnered with HCL Infosystems to implement technology for issuing e-job cards to workers in Aliya Block Under Sitapur district in UP.

As one of the first states to move to e-job cards as a part of the flagship job creation scheme of the UPA government that benefited a large population, the Uttar Pradesh government aims to streamline the implementation of project. This will include overcoming concerns in the area of multiple enrollments of the same worker, monitoring of employment generated, substitute/proxy workers, ensuring payments reach the rightful beneficiaries and manual maintenance of muster roll at job site leading to errors through an electronic payment and authentication system.

“Technology permeates every layer of the society and has established its importance as a driver of transformation. We are sure that using technology will further facilitate on-ground implementation of NREGA and the benefits of this initiative will reach the right individuals and thereby multiply its impact on the society”, said George Paul, executive vice president, HCL Infosystems Ltd.


HCL Infosystems has undertaken this project for issuing e-job cards in Aliya Block under Sitapur district. The project will be implemented in multiple phases, of which, phase 1st of issuing of over 1000 e-job cards will commence in the Aliya Block under Sitapur district. HCL is also planning to tie-up with a bank in near future to implement and support financial inclusion to ensure that payment reaches the correct beneficiaries.

The e-job cards will include demographic and biometric details of all the family members willing to do unskilled work, online record of the workers attendance and the record of wages (both accrued and disbursed). These e-job cards are expected to completely eliminate bogus enrollments and transactions through simultaneous use of e-job cards and biometric authentication, authenticate and capture correct data at job site using handheld terminals and update it at block level database through Internet/GSM connectivity.

As a complete solution for offering this service at the job site, HCL has developed a special solution called ‘HCL FinMate’ for NREGA project. By undertaking this innovative approach for end-to-end deployment of e-job card ecosystem in Uttar Pradesh, HCL Infosystems has re-inforced its leadership of over 32 years in the Indian ICT space. Furthermore, taking complete ownership of the project, HCL will be providing direct service and support throughout the duration of this project.