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Sun's Java technology is undergoing continuous evolution, spreading its wings in all directions from desktop, to complex networks, to mobile devices, to name a few. This process of evolution is so fast that at times you may find it difficult to keep pace with these changes.


Well, the makers of the Java realize this and to help the community always stay on top of these technological changes has launched the 'Java Technology Concept Map.'

According to Sun 'The Java Technology Concept Map 1.0 is an interactive diagram, a web of linked terms, to show the relationships among and uses of the Java technologies. You can use the Map to get an overview of the Java landscape as well as learn more about the details of its components.'


The Java Map consists of Numbered Arrows, which are guides to various terms internal to the map. Clicking on a numbered arrow will take you to the corresponding numbered target. Yellow Highlights on the map are guides to that content, clicking on the same opens up the content in a new browser

window and an index, arranged in an alphabetical order.

Using the references on the map developers and enthusiasts can relate known segments of Java to the new and unknown ones and stay continuously updated with the everyday technological advancements.

To run the Java Concept Map on your machine you must have Flash Player installed. Click on this link to Launch Concept Map, and check it out, now!