Hathway enhances the OTT TV viewing experience with Android TV

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Hathway Cable & Datacom Android TV unveling the device

Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited, a leading Indian Cable and FTTH broadband operator announces the launch of an OTT Set Up box, based on Google’s Android TV. Hathway is aiming to make the watching experience on OTT TV in India easy, through the launch of Hathway Play box which carries a dedicated YouTube, Netflix and Google Play button on the remote control, giving the ability to consumers to access their favourite show with a simple click on the big screen.


Hathway Play box customers now have direct access to view a broad selection of global and local content including TV series and movies. Later this year, Hathway will also run a consumer promotion and will gift its consumer's free access to many Indian and global OTT platforms.

Consumers can use Google assistant through a simple voice remote for applications such as finding their

favourite web series, setting timers, answering questions, weather forecast and even placing e-commerce orders. It also has an inbuilt chrome cast which allows you to mirror content from your phone to TV. Just at the tap of Cast button on your mobile app, it allows you to mirror movies & TV shows, music, games, sports and more – from Android, iOS, Mac, Windows to your TV.

Hathway Play box also allows consumers to experience Android gaming on the big screen including multiple users having gaming Fun on the same screen. It also provides consumers with a smarter way to watch all Google Play content on a big screen.


Hathway has also announced the launch of India’s first Cable Hybrid box, Hathway Ultra Smart HUB on award-winning Android Platform. This Smart Hub combines linear TV with Play services in HDR quality.

With easy to use smart interface, the users can navigate between their linear TV channels and their play

services and also customize Smart Hub with their own apps downloaded from the Google Play store. On

the remote control, there are exclusive shortcuts to YouTube and Google play that make it easy to access

the most popular streaming services.

“One of the strengths of Hathway Play box is our cooperation with some of the most popular play-services. In addition to Google Play and YouTube, we are delighted that Netflix, the world’s largest streaming service will be available in Hathway Play box at launch and that our customers can easily access their content via the button on the remote control,” said Rajan Gupta, Managing Director, Hathway.

“This Ultra Smart TV Hub simplifies the user experience for our customers that increasingly combine their linear tv-viewing with on-demand and streaming services. The user can select and download more than 2,000 apps from Google Play, including play services, games, and music. When we developed Ultra Smart Hub, the most important aspect has been listening to our customers to understand their needs regarding their tv-viewing. We see a clear shift in consumption in content today compared to earlier. Indian consumers today want a mix of traditional linear television viewing combined with on-demand or streaming services. With the Smart Hub we have a product that meets their expectations,” Rajan Gupta concludes;We are pleased to be working with Hathway and look forward to leveraging their extensive broadband and cable network to enable more exciting and useful Android TV experiences for consumers," said Pranab Mookken, Head Android, Chrome & Play Business Development, India.

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