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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Reality Digital, Inc., a leading provider of white-label social media solutions for businesses, has announced Reality Digital Harmony, a new self-service social media platform for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that want to create affordable, white-label online video and social networking communities.


Harmony enables SMBs to engage with their customers and extend their brand by developing their own interactive communities that capitalize on the latest in user-generated content (UGC), video and social networking capabilities. Moreover, Harmony provides an abundant feature-set at a significantly lower cost than comparatively available products.

Engineered for SMB owners and site publishers alike, Harmony delivers business customers everything they need to create - an online community immediately out of the box, including online video upload and playback, user-generated content and sharing, and social networking functionality such as, blogging, events and forums.

Harmony also offers content monetization capabilities enabling publishers to keep 100 percent of third-party ad revenue; an administrative dashboard with extensive site monitoring; and content moderation tools to ensure quality and control in a brand-safe environment.


“Despite the bevy of existing social media platform offerings, we struggled to find a scalable solution that offered the functionality and reliability to power our soccer-based, social networking site at an affordable price point,” said Dick Rempt, CEO, Talents Media. “Reality Digital Harmony was the only solution that delivered a rich set of tools that could help our members to connect, share content, and invite members from other social networks. We are delighted that Harmony has helped us realize our goal of instantly creating an interactive environment targeted towards player development, exposure and discovery.”

Reality Digital offers SMBs a more exciting way to engage with their customers and visitors by offering a social media platform that can be implemented right away, and is a cost-effective alternative to less robust solutions.

Reality Digital Harmony is ideal for:

  • SMBs with limited budgets that are new to social media
  • Startups and entrepreneurs looking to create a proof of concept for investment and funding
  • Site owners looking for extensive design flexibility and configurability quickly and simply
  • Enterprise marketing departments looking to launch a UGC contest immediately
  • Agencies and developers seeking a turnkey solution to quickly design and build prototypes as campaign testing grounds
  • Businesses running multiple video-led marketing projects, such as video tutorials, user submitted video initiatives and viral videos

“This economy has resulted in tighter budgets, reduced staff and scant marketing resources for companies, making it difficult to experiment with social media initiatives,” said Cynthia Francis, CEO of Reality Digital. “Reality Digital Harmony is an entry-level social media platform that makes it easy for businesses to create an online community to enhance their connection with customers in a brand-safe environment. A business can quickly build and configure a site without assistance and start reaching their customers within a matter of minutes.”

Harmony is customizable, stable and affordable for both SMBs and departments within larger companies and allows our customers to remain competitive and innovative as they promote their brand, without breaking the bank, she added.

Reality Digital Harmony will be available in March 2009. In addition to the Reality Digital Harmony news, the company also announced the availability of the Reality Digital Opus 3.0 product for enterprise businesses interested in a full-service social media platform.