HarePoint updates HarePoint Software for SharePoint development

New Update

KALININGRAD, RUSSIA: HarePoint has announced new version of HarePoint Workflow Extensions software for workflow development in Microsoft SharePoint environments.


The product allows development of the most advanced workflows to automate business processes of any level of complexity.

The new release provides new workflow activities that enable an outstanding feature: conversion of InfoPath forms into PDFs. This feature easily generates a PDF from an InfoPath form no matter what its layout and structure, so for example, purchasing or accounting forms, users requests, or anything else requiring PDF format.

Additionally, the printing feature in the product has been significantly improved. A special-purpose activity initiates printing of required documents (the most common formats are supported) directly from a SharePoint workflow.


Among other updates in the new release there are: field comparison for SharePoint list items or documents of different versions for further execution in workflow; automatic adjustment of pictures in Microsoft Word document; capability to send meeting requests from a workflow; a feature to send an SMS from a workflow; and a new activity to add new strings in existing tables in Microsoft Word documents.

Find and replace text in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents, convert into PDFs, send messages with attachments, send HTTP requests, upload documents and list items via FTP, operate with user and group data from Active Directory, print documents automatically, convert / resize images, execute custom code or PowerShell scripts and much more - nearly any workflow for essential business processes can easily be created with more than 200 workflow activities in 16 different categories included in HarePoint Workflow Extensions.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions can operate in SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Foundation 2010 environments. The product contains some activities which can be used free of charge.