New Guidelines to allow linking vaccination certificate with passport for international travellers

If it is necessary, the central authorities will issue another certificate linking vaccination certificate with passport number.

Laxitha Mundhra
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How to link Vaccine Certificate with Passport via CoWIN?

The Health Ministry has issued new guidelines to allow linking vaccination certificate with passport. Further, international travellers; those travelling abroad for education, jobs, or as part of the Indian contingent for the Tokyo Olympic games; can also get a second dose of Covishield after 28 days. Currently, as per NGVAC recommendations, we can take the second dose of the vaccine after 12-16 weeks, or 84 days.


Asking states to facilitate vaccination of such people, the Union Health Ministry said in a statement, "Taking note of the several representations received by the Union Health Ministry for allowing administration of the second dose of Covishield for such persons who have only taken the first dose of Covishield and are seeking to undertake international travel for educational purposes or employment opportunities or as part of India's contingent for Tokyo Olympic Games, but whose planned travel dates fall before completion of the currently mandated minimum interval of 84 days from the date of the first dose."

The new SOPs also state, "if the passport was not used at the time of administration of the first dose, the details of the photo ID Card used for vaccination will be printed in the vaccination certificate and mention of the Passport in the vaccination certificate is not to be insisted upon. Wherever necessary, the competent authority may issue another certificate linking vaccination certificate with passport number of the beneficiary."

What does this mean?


Say, you failed to register for the vaccine with the passport as the ID. Then, you will the Centre will issue a certificate with the ID you selected, like Aadhar Card etc. The ministry has stated not to insist on the mention of passport ID on the vaccine certificate. Instead, if it is necessary, the authorities will issue another certificate linking vaccination certificate with passport number.

Further, States/UT governments shall designate a competent authority in each District for according permission for such administration of the second dose of Covishield and linking vaccination certificate with passport. This facility shall be available to those who need to undertake international travel upto 31 August 2021. The new rules also said that the mention of vaccine-type as "Covishield" is sufficient. The certificate does not need any other qualifying entries.

Who can avail of this facility?


This special dispensation is available to:

(i) Students who have to undertake foreign travel for education purpose.

(ii) Persons who have to take up jobs in foreign countries.

(iii) Athletes, Sportspersons and accompanying staff of Indian contingent attending International Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Note: NEGVAC stands for the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19

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