GTX brings personal LBS with Google Maps API Premier

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LOS ANGELES, USA: GTX Corp. announced the integration of Google Maps API Premier into the tracking platform of the gpVector Personal Location Service (PLS) technology. The company’s PLS system consists of a matchbook-sized, location-reporting module that utilizes GTX Corp’s “always-on” Assisted-GPS tracking capabilities.


Cellular transmission services are provided by the company’s wireless carrier partner, AT&T, to deliver real-time geographic coordinates, rendered on Google Maps, to subscribers via secure internet connections.

Unlike other element topology-management functions, which rely on static maps or geographic information systems (GIS), Google Maps API Premier provides a rich, interactive interface that includes panning, zooming, satellite images and street-level views (in certain locations).

Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp CEO and President noted: “Choosing Google Maps API Premier as our primary mapping interface further illustrates our commitment to establishing relationships with best-in-class providers to enhance our users’ experience. In this case, we’re giving our customers the most advanced mapping tool available, allowing them to offer a viewing perspective second to none.”

“Google is excited to have GTX Corp integrate our Google Maps API Premier into its products,” said Dan Israel, Product Marketing Manager, Google Enterprise. “GTX Corp’s use of Google Maps will help bring its personal location services to a broader audience.”

Intuitive, interactive maps and satellite images become especially important as users begin to integrate real time tracking capabilities for the purpose of seeing the whereabouts of loved ones and valuable personal assets into their daily life activities. With Google Maps API Premier, viewers can easily track street addresses and specific locations. This capability also allows for the historical travel data (bread crumb trails) to be mapped and preserved for future analysis.