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BANGALORE, INDIA: Multi-Service Router (MSR) is new generation network platform, developed to address the requirements of new network applications primarily driven by growing demand for convergence on both voice and video aspect. 


It leverages open architecture to help end users resolve emerging security threats, new services and cost issues associated with network services expansion. Integrating the functions of a router, switch, VPN gateway, firewall, voice gateway and other conventional network devices, the Multi-Service Router’s open service architecture provides interfaces that enable enterprises to develop and deploy applications that meet their specific requirements. 

The Multi-Service Router has robust line access capability and higher forwarding performance with hardware encryption and VPN acceleration to ensure the smooth and secure transmission of enterprise services over WAN. A comprehensive built-in security system enables it to act as a unified platform for the secure deployment of new network services.

 However, MSR’s N-Bus architecture is developed to run voice, switching, security services transmitted on different bus and processed by different engine in order to eliminate the bus and CPU bottle neck, realize the true multiple service convergence and high performance.By allowing the addition of new hardware modules or software upgrades, Multi- Service Router can dramatically reduce future capital requirements without huge upfront cost and cost almost the same as that of the previous generation of routers.