GoTBot is your Game of Thrones’ digital encyclopedia before next season hits off

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Seven years is a long time. When people have a hard time remembering important happenings or characters from their own life, how can they keep a tag of all the characters of a show whose Season 7 premiere is just around the corner? So to fix this quandary, a London creative agency called Catch created the “GoTBot,” a Facebook Messenger bot that will help you catch up on all the characters, titles, heirs and other trivia from the show, Game of Thrones.

“Who is the bald guy from Game of Thrones? Is Thoros of Myr dead? Will Daenerys and Jon Snow get together? Did I spell Daenerys right? Everybody’s thinking it, so don’t be afraid to ask the obvious questions,” reads the GoT Bot’s description.

We tried our hands on the bot and you bet it is worth the effort! The bot has the distinct Game Of Thrones brazenness and charm. It presents the facts in a humorous tone with a tinge of sarcasm. We tried to play with it and it gave us some real good and to the point answers. With the long list of characters and plots the bot can come handy to keep up with everything in the world of GOT.  got-chat-bot

The bot that answers all your queries with facts, GIFs, and jokes started as a game of “dead or alive” with characters before blooming into a more comprehensive chatbot. Besides your questions, the bot has its own suggestive queries at the bottom too, where you can search for character’s photos, dead or alive, family trees, nicknames, lovers, a character’s house, and more.

You can try the chatbot out for yourself via Facebook. Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on July 16 and will air on Hotstar and Star World in India.

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