YouTube introduces Uptime for watching videos with friends

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CIOL Google's internal incubator Area 120 introduces Uptime

Google is bringing a new app dubbed 'Uptime' for YouTubers. Created by Google’s internal incubator, Area 120 - that was designed to encourage employees to spend their 20 percent time on side projects - Uptime lets you meet friends, share YouTube videos and add stickers, "sparkles," hearts and comments.


However, this app is currently available for iPhone users only, and the company is yet to shed any light on the launch date for Android users.

Aiming to give a better social experience, the app comes with a lively design and includes “reaction” features inspired by Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live.


Like Facebook Live, the user will see their profile icon floating across the screen. The reactions will be displayed to anyone who watches the video, even if they’re watching at a later time. Also, you can tap on the screen to leave “sparkles” on the video itself, and these are only shown to those who are co-watching the video with you in real time.


Users can also search and share video clips from YouTube to Uptime, making it discoverable to others. YouTubers can also notify friends on the service.

Currently, there’s no way to record video or to stream live; it only lets you share clips from YouTube. Considering the app is in its early stages, you can expect the feature shortly.

iPhone users can try the latest app from Google here.

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