Google Play rolls out new features for audiobooks

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Google Play rolls out new features on audiobooks

Google has rolled out new features for audiobooks that was launched earlier this year. The new features allow users to save bookmarks and add books to their daily routine.

There are four updated features for listeners. The first is Smart Resume feature. If you pause your book, Google will rewind to the beginning of a word or sentence. Second, Google now allows listeners to adjust the speed of the narration; you can set it to 3x speed to get through your book faster, or slow narration down to 0.5x. Third, you can add a bookmark at a certain point that you might want to revisit.

Users will be able to add audiobooks to a Google Assistant routine. The company is expanding ebook and audiobook family sharing to users in 13 countries, including Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Mexico, Japan (audiobooks only), and South Africa.