Google to offer a mute button to shut down annoying ads

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We all have been in this situation- Visiting a site to buy 'something', not liking the 'something' or no longer interested in it and leaving the site. Opening a new site to check some news and pops a reminder add that encourages you to come back to their site and buy that 'something.' Seeing a thing or a dress that you are no longer interested in is indeed annoying. And it is to save you from this nuisance that Google is adding a mute button to shut such reminder ads.


Google said reminder ads were "useful" but said it wanted to give people "more control" over what they see online. Individual reminder ads will be "mutable" on websites that use Google's services to provide ads. "We plan to expand this tool to control ads on YouTube, Search, and Gmail in the coming months."

Muted promotions will be replaced with other ads. There will not be a way to opt out of seeing all reminder ads by default. The new button will mute the ad across devices. So if you mute it on your smartphone, Google will mute that ad on your laptop too.

Besides, Google is also expanding controls for another unwanted ads feature it implemented in 2012 that allows you to mute ads you don’t want to see anymore.

“Millions of people use Mute this Ad on a daily basis, and in 2017, we received more than 5 billion pieces of feedback telling us that you mute ads that aren’t relevant,” Jon Krafcik wrote on the Google post explaining the updates. “We incorporated that feedback by removing 1 million ads from our ad network based on your comments.”